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Project Description Last Change
awesomized/ext-ion PHP extension for Amazon ION 15 months ago
awesomized/libmemcached Resurrection of libmemcached 6 months ago
m6w6/ascertain Simple validator, not doing much harm 9 years ago
m6w6/atick Asynchronnous resource handling, optionally (ab)using ticks 9 years ago
m6w6/btr build, test & report 8 years ago
m6w6/doxygen_gh-pages Runs doxygen on the current checkout into your gh-pages branch 8 years ago
m6w6/ext-apfd Always Populate Form Data 23 months ago
m6w6/ext-ares Asynchronous Resolver 7 years ago
m6w6/ext-courierauth courierauth binding 2 years ago
m6w6/ext-http Extended HTTP Support 3 months ago
m6w6/ext-ircclient IRC Client 8 years ago
m6w6/ext-json_post JSON POST handler 23 months ago
m6w6/ext-pq PostgreSQL client library (libpq) binding 4 weeks ago
m6w6/ext-propro Property proxy 2 years ago
m6w6/ext-psi PHP System Interface / POSIX Standard Interface 2 years ago
m6w6/ext-raphf Resource and persistent handles factory 2 years ago
m6w6/gh-mirror Github mirror webhook 4 years ago
m6w6/gitweb-theme An alternative theme for gitweb, strongly inspired by GitHub 4 years ago
m6w6/hikke Prioritized events and observers 9 years ago
m6w6/libmemcached Resurrection of libmemcached 2 years ago
m6w6/ Hompage 5 months ago
m6w6/ 4 years ago
m6w6/merry Merry container and config 8 years ago
m6w6/mod-domaintree Hostname to filesystem mapper for Apache2 16 years ago
m6w6/pecl-ci Support bits for testing PECL extensions on Travis CI 2 years ago
m6w6/pq-gateway A gateway implementation for ext-pq 7 years ago
m6w6/replicator Replicates PECL releases as pharext packages since 2015 7 years ago
m6w6/repo-template Boilerplate for new repos 7 years ago
m6w6/seekat Because Kraken was too obvious 15 months ago
m6w6/travis-pecl Support bits for testing PECL extensions on Travis CI 2 years ago
mdref/mdref Naive Markdown Documentation Browser for PHP Extensions 7 months ago
mdref/mdref-apfd Markdown reference for pecl/apfd 19 months ago
mdref/mdref-http Markdown Reference for pecl/http 19 months ago
mdref/mdref-json_post Markdown reference for pecl/json_post 19 months ago
mdref/mdref-pq Markdown reference for pecl/pq 19 months ago
mdref/mdref-pq-gateway Markdown reference for pq-gateway 19 months ago
mdref/mdref-propro Markdown Reference for pecl/propro 19 months ago
mdref/mdref-raphf Markdown Reference for pecl/raphf 7 months ago
mdref/ 2 years ago
pharext/pharext Distribute your PHP extension as self-installing phar executable 2 years ago
pharext/ 2 years ago
pharext/ Replicate PECL releases as pharext packages 2 years ago