2020-11-30  Michael Wallnerupdate for PHP-8 master
2019-11-13  Michael Wallnermake TESTS configurable
2019-11-11  Michael Wallnerlast resort
2019-11-11  Michael Wallneradd pecl-test target
2019-06-07  Michael Wallnerfix $srcdir
2019-06-07  Michael Wallnerbail out on unknown PHP version
2019-05-29  Michael WallnerMerge pull request #4 from tracylyh123/master
2019-05-27  Tracyredirect 30X 4/head
2019-04-01  Michael Wallnerupdate php mirrors
2019-03-29  Michael Wallnermirrors are being retired
2018-07-18  Michael Wallnerremove binary on reconf
2018-03-02  Michael Wallneruse another build dir
2018-03-02  Michael Wallnerfix builds with git/master
2018-03-02  Michael Wallnerget rid of TRAVIS_JOB_NUMBER so stuff can be cached
2018-03-02  Michael Wallneradd support for multiple arguments and mutually exclusi...
2018-02-26  Michael Wallnercppcheck 1.82
2018-02-20  Michael Wallnersupport pecl from git
2018-02-20  Michael Wallnermake optically consistent
2018-01-08  Michael Wallnerus1 mirror is disabled since Nov 2017
2017-04-04  Michael Wallnerexit after first found version
2016-10-03  Michael Wallnertest for file existence
2016-09-22  Michael Wallneruse https git url
2016-09-22  Michael Wallnerpimp cppcheck
2016-09-21  Michael Wallnercppcheck --enable=warning was added in 1.59 is superflu...
2016-09-21  Michael Wallnercppcheck --std was added in 1.56
2016-09-21  Michael Wallnersupport for QA releases
2016-09-21  Michael Wallneradd cppcheck
2016-09-14  Michael Wallnermove stuff out of the srcdir
2016-09-06  Michael Wallner5.3 compat
2016-04-15  Michael Wallnerfix treating '*.so' as actual extension
2016-04-15  Michael Wallnerdisplay userinfo on error
2016-03-11  Michael Wallnerensure shared extensions are loaded from INI
2016-01-25  Michael WallnerSquashed commit of the following:
2016-01-21  Michael Wallnerfix notices with "master" as argument
2016-01-19  Michael WallnerMerge pull request #1 from 0mars/master
2015-12-07  Michael Wallnerfix remaining JSON vars
2015-12-07  Michael Wallneradd 7.0 as explicitely supported PHP version
2015-10-31  Omar ShabanFix README errors, update filename 1/head
2015-08-12  Michael Wallnertrigger mirror
2015-08-10  Michael WallnerCreate README.md
2015-08-07  Michael Wallnertravis (precise) comes with php-5.3
2015-08-07  Michael Wallnerfix pharext rule
2015-08-07  Michael Wallneradd pharext rule
2015-08-07  Michael Wallnerfix build step
2015-08-07  Michael Wallnerbuildconf in master
2015-08-05  Michael Wallnersort of support master
2015-08-04  Michael Wallnercleanup
2015-07-31  Michael Wallnertry some crazy high timeout
2015-07-31  Michael Wallnerraise timeout
2015-07-31  Michael Wallnertravis php compat
2015-07-31  Michael Wallnerpackage.xml checker
2015-07-31  Michael Wallneruse better release list
2015-07-31  Michael Wallnerfix conditional PHP var lost in transition; fix prefix...
2015-07-31  Michael Wallnerpass through exact versions
2015-07-31  Michael Wallneruse a distinct prefix per job
2015-07-30  Michael Wallnersplit off ext-pq