2015-06-16  Michael Wallnertrigger mirror master
2015-05-28  Michael Wallnerflush
2014-01-10  Michael WallnerMerged in remicollet/ext-ircclient/issue-030 (pull...
2014-01-10  Remi ColletFix with old autotools (RHEL-5)
2014-01-10  Michael WallnerMerged in remicollet/ext-ircclient/issue-030 (pull...
2014-01-10  Remi Colletfix ZTS build
2014-01-10  Remi Colletmissing in previous
2014-01-10  Michael Wallnerfix typo
2014-01-10  Michael Wallnerprepare-0.3.1
2014-01-10  Michael WallnerMerged in remicollet/ext-ircclient/issue-030 (pull...
2014-01-10  Remi ColletFix: warning: implicit declaration of function 'php_get...
2014-01-10  Remi ColletFix [-Wunused-variable]
2014-01-10  Remi Colletdont display "0.0" for unkown header version
2014-01-10  Remi ColletFix find header when directly in /usr/include + honour...
2014-01-10  Michael Wallnerprepare release
2014-01-10  Michael WallnerImprove Session::run()
2014-01-08  Michael Wallneradministrativa
2013-06-24  Michael Wallnerbot poc
2012-01-09  Michael Wallnerfix build on systems without libirc_params.h
2011-12-27  Michael Wallnergitignore
2011-12-16  Michael WallnerAdded tag RELEASE_0_2_0 for changeset fdd95a4cbb5b
2011-12-16  Michael Wallner* Added argument info RELEASE_0_2_0
2011-12-12  Michael WallnerAdded tag RELEASE_0_1_2 for changeset 6f9411017d40
2011-12-12  Michael Wallnermodule maintencance RELEASE_0_1_2
2011-12-06  Michael Wallnerfix typo
2011-12-06  Michael Wallneradd Session::doRaw(string msg)
2011-12-06  Michael WallnerAdded tag RELEASE_0_1_1 for changeset 111616eb561a
2011-12-06  Michael Wallner0.1.0 RELEASE_0_1_1
2011-12-06  Michael Wallnermerge
2011-12-06  Michael Wallnerfix php version incompatibility
2011-12-06  Michael WallnerAdded tag RELEASE_0_1_0 for changeset 5a59078a92fa
2011-12-06  Michael Wallnertypo RELEASE_0_1_0
2011-12-06  Michael Wallnerpackaged up
2011-12-06  Michael Wallnerfix spaces, remove license... going to be BSD
2011-12-06  Michael Wallner* really fix build
2011-12-05  Michael Wallner* fix build on PHP 5.3
2011-12-05  Michael Wallnerinitial ci