Merge pull request #10 from triplejumper12/feature/fontChanges
[m6w6/gitweb-theme] / gitweb.css
2012-05-12  Stefan ImhoffMerge pull request #10 from triplejumper12/feature...
2012-05-09  Billy VistoAdded more classes to have monospaced font
2012-05-09  Billy Vistomade diffs monospaced
2012-05-09  Billy Vistochanged general font type to be easier to read. Also...
2011-09-10  Stefan ImhoffConverted images to base64
2011-09-10  Stefan ImhoffMerge pull request #5 from ejholmes/master
2011-09-10  Eric J. HolmesAdds content type images to the left of the object...
2011-07-28  Stefan ImhoffMerge pull request #4 from yangacer/master
2011-07-27  yang acerAdd linear gradient for Opera browser
2011-05-19  Stefan ImhoffMerge pull request #3 from sebslomski/master
2011-05-18  Sebastian Slomskiline-height on body
2011-04-02  Stefan ImhoffMerge branch 'master' of
2011-04-02  Stefan ImhoffForce scrollbar to display never vertically
2011-01-29  Stefan ImhoffChanged indent to 2 softtabs and striped whitespaces
2011-01-27  Troels Knak-Nielsensyntax highlight support
2010-11-06  Stefan ImhoffOnly in header no monospace fonts
2010-11-06  Stefan ImhoffAdjusted styles to Gitweb
2010-11-06  Stefan ImhoffRemoved some declarations
2010-11-06  Stefan ImhoffAdded styles for "history view"
2010-11-06  Stefan ImhoffAdded monospace font for "blob view"
2010-11-06  Stefan ImhoffImprovements for RSS-Buttons
2010-11-06  Stefan ImhoffRefactoring (fluid, new styles, fonts, css3)
2009-08-01  Stefan ImhoffBetter font-size for tag/branch label
2009-05-08  Stefan ImhoffChanged base font-size to px
2009-02-20  Stefan ImhoffChanged Header to elastic height (em) to grow with...
2009-02-19  Stefan ImhoffVertical alignment of RSS-Buttons was wrong
2009-02-19  Stefan ImhoffInitial commit