2015-07-29  Michael WallnerTry multiple postgresql versions
2015-07-28  Michael Wallnerrelease 0.6.0RC2 v0.6.0RC2
2015-07-27  Michael Wallnerfix test
2015-07-27  Michael Wallnerfix URL for travis build
2015-07-27  Michael Wallnertry to fix syntax errors in travis.yml
2015-07-27  Michael Wallnerthis may do it
2015-07-27  Michael Wallnerbs: travis legacy -> containerized; sudo's used few...
2015-07-27  Michael Wallnertravis legacy -> containerized
2015-07-27  Michael Wallnerprepare 0.6.0RC2
2015-07-27  Michael Wallnerre-simplify
2015-07-27  Michael Wallnerprovide RTLD_LAZY compatibility
2015-07-27  Michael Wallnerfix +/* feature/bug prefix
2015-06-11  Remi Colletuse pg_config output, seems the right way
2015-06-11  Remi Colletcleanup configure output
2015-06-11  Remi Collettry to fix debian case... again
2015-06-11  Remi Collettry to fix debian case
2015-06-10  Michael WallnerMerge pull request #3 from remicollet/issue-rpath
2015-06-10  Remi Colletsplit check for headers and library, fix #2 3/head
2015-06-10  Michael Wallnerrelease 0.6.0RC1 v0.6.0RC1
2015-06-08  Michael Wallnerrelease 0.6.0RC1
2015-06-01  Michael Wallnerupdate README
2015-05-29  Michael Wallnerfix test if builtin json converter is not available
2015-05-29  Michael Wallnerprepare 0.6.0RC1
2015-05-29  Michael Wallnerbump cursor prophandler count
2015-05-29  Michael Wallnerfix build
2015-05-29  Michael WallnerMerge branch 'feature/cursor-async' of https://github...
2015-05-22  Michael WallnerFixed array parser compatibility with arrays of boxes
2015-05-21  Michael Wallnerthat never landed in an official release
2015-05-21  Michael WallnerSTATUS => ZEND_RESULT_CODE
2015-05-06  Michael Wallnerfix reflection arginfo
2014-12-17  Michael Wallnermissed the source header
2014-12-17  Michael Wallneradministrativa
2014-12-17  Michael Wallnersimplify
2014-12-17  Michael Wallnerfix leak; fix test
2014-12-17  Michael Wallneradd missing tests
2014-12-16  Chris WrightImprove Travis setup
2014-12-15  Chris WrightTest props with Connection::prepare() as well as Statem...
2014-12-15  Chris WrightAdd Cursor::$query property
2014-12-15  Chris WrightAdd Cursor::$flags property
2014-12-15  Chris WrightAdd Cursor::closeAsync()
2014-12-15  Chris WrightAdd Cursor::openAsync()
2014-12-15  Chris WrightMake declare string template match generated string
2014-12-15  Chris WrightMerge branch 'meta/travis'
2014-12-15  Chris WrightAdd README.md for github
2014-12-15  Chris WrightAdd travis config
2014-12-15  Chris WrightEnsure server will report notices when test expects...
2014-12-15  Chris WrightBuild improvements
2014-12-14  Chris WrightAdd missing TSRMLS
2014-12-12  Chris WrightMerge branch 'feature/async-stmt-deallocate'
2014-12-12  Chris WrightAdd $query and $types properties to Statement
2014-12-10  Chris WrightAdd deallocate() and prepare() to Statement
2014-12-03  Michael WallnerMerge remote-tracking branch 'DaveRandom/fix/txn-async...
2014-12-03  Michael Wallnerfix NULL deref with circular refs
2014-11-27  Chris WrightMark transaction as open when started async
2014-11-25  Michael Wallneradd tests
2014-11-25  Michael Wallnerfix crash on reverse dependency from conn to stm
2014-11-25  Michael Wallnernow single row mode for prepare and declare
2014-11-25  Michael Wallnerpq\DateTime::createFromFormat()
2014-11-24  Michael Wallnerfix crash with result iterator when the iterator exists...
2014-10-23  Michael Wallnerback to dev
2014-10-23  Michael Wallnerv0.5.5 v0.5.5
2014-10-23  Michael Wallnerlet JSON be decoded as array unless fetch_type is FETCH...
2014-10-23  Michael Wallnerfix isolation level
2014-10-23  Michael Wallnerdefault configure option
2014-10-23  Michael WallnerRevert "no need for the dafult option"
2014-10-23  Michael Wallnerback to dev
2014-10-23  Michael Wallnerv0.5.4 v0.5.4
2014-10-23  Michael WallnerFix MacOSX/clang
2014-10-23  Michael Wallnerv0.5.3 v0.5.3
2014-10-23  Michael Wallneradd 9.4beta3 OIDs
2014-10-23  Michael Wallnerfix missing bit
2014-10-23  Michael Wallnerprefix internal API; ensure raphf is built first in...
2014-10-18  Remi Colletallow INT8 / TID on 32 bits
2014-10-17  Michael Wallnerback to dev
2014-10-17  Michael WallnerRevert "back to dev"
2014-10-17  Remi Colletfix check for PG constant
2014-10-17  Michael Wallnerback to dev
2014-10-17  Remi Colletget rid of remaining HAVE_JSON, use PHP_PQ_HAVE_PHP_JSO...
2014-10-17  Remi ColletMerge branch 'master' of git.php.net:/pecl/database/pq
2014-10-17  Michael Wallnerprepare 0.5.2 v0.5.2
2014-10-17  Remi ColletMerge branch 'master' of git.php.net:/pecl/database/pq
2014-10-17  Remi ColletMerge branch 'master' of git.php.net:/pecl/database/pq
2014-10-17  Michael Wallnerbetter checks for json support
2014-10-16  Michael Wallnerprepare 0.5.2
2014-10-16  Michael Wallnersupport PostgreSQL down to 9.0; JSON is optional
2014-10-15  Michael Wallnerback to dev
2014-10-15  Michael Wallnerfix pqcur minit and mshutdown v0.5.1
2014-10-15  Michael Wallnercheck for PQconninfo
2014-10-15  Michael Wallnerprepare 0.5 v0.5.0
2014-10-15  Michael Wallnerfixup
2014-10-15  Michael Wallneradd pq\Connection::$params
2014-10-06  Michael Wallnerupdate from docs
2014-10-06  Michael Wallnerpq\Cursor::__construct
2014-10-01  Michael Wallnerfix parameter separation
2014-09-30  Michael Wallnerfix ZTS
2014-09-30  Michael Wallnerno need for the dafult option
2014-09-30  Michael Wallnerfix test
2014-09-30  Michael Wallnerfix test
2014-09-30  Michael Wallnerno need to skip one version :)
2014-09-30  Michael Wallneradministrativa