upgrade pq\Types
[m6w6/ext-pq] / tests / conv001.phpt
2019-03-04  Michael Wallnerupgrade pq\Types
2016-11-15  Michael Wallnerfix issue #23 (PHP-7.1 JSON compat)
2015-05-29  Michael Wallnerfix test if builtin json converter is not available
2015-05-29  Michael WallnerMerge branch 'feature/cursor-async' of https://github...
2015-05-22  Michael WallnerFixed array parser compatibility with arrays of boxes
2014-10-23  Michael Wallnerlet JSON be decoded as array unless fetch_type is FETCH...
2014-10-17  Remi ColletMerge branch 'master' of git.php.net:/pecl/database/pq
2014-10-16  Michael Wallnersupport PostgreSQL down to 9.0; JSON is optional
2014-09-30  Michael Wallnerfix test
2014-09-30  Michael Wallnerupdate from docs
2014-09-25  Michael Wallnerupdate from docs
2014-09-17  Michael Wallnermore internal conversions
2014-09-12  Michael Wallnerupdate tests
2014-09-11  Michael Wallnerfix test
2013-05-14  Michael Wallnermoar tests
2013-05-14  Michael Wallnertype converters