Add deallocate() and prepare() to Statement
[m6w6/ext-pq] / src / php_pqstm.c
2014-12-10  Chris WrightAdd deallocate() and prepare() to Statement
2014-11-25  Michael Wallnerfix crash on reverse dependency from conn to stm
2014-10-23  Michael Wallnerprefix internal API; ensure raphf is built first in...
2014-10-17  Remi ColletMerge branch 'master' of
2014-10-16  Michael Wallnersupport PostgreSQL down to 9.0; JSON is optional
2014-10-06  Michael Wallnerupdate from docs
2014-10-01  Michael Wallnerfix parameter separation
2014-09-26  Michael Wallnerupdate from docs
2014-07-14  Michael Wallneruse php_pq_callback_recurse
2013-05-14  Michael Wallnerfix Statement::descAsync; add Result::desc()
2013-05-14  Michael Wallnertype converters
2013-04-15  Michael Wallnerno gc for now
2013-04-13  Michael Wallnerimplemented get_properties() object handler
2013-03-22  Michael Wallnersplit source v0.1.0