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[m6w6/ext-http] / scripts / gen_curlinfo.php
2015-09-28  Michael Wallnerattempt to implement some personal standards
2013-11-21  Michael Wallnerlet DEV_2 be trunk
2012-02-17  Michael Wallnerhack PHP_5_4 compatibility into v1
2009-07-22  Michael Wallner* Added request options:
2008-12-12  Michael Wallnerfix certinfo
2008-12-11  Michael Wallner* Added request options:
2007-03-27  Michael Wallner- add doc progress checker
2007-02-20  Michael Wallner- release 1.5.0
2006-09-29  Michael Wallner- cookielist -> cookies
2006-09-25  Michael Wallner- remove unused bits
2006-09-25  Michael Wallner* Fixed bug in HttpRequestPool where a negative timeout...