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[m6w6/ext-http] / php_http_message_api.h
2005-08-23  Michael Wallner- ditch http_split_response()
2005-07-28  Michael Wallner- no user debug callbacks any longer
2005-06-21  Michael Wallner- missed that message.info.response.http_version should...
2005-06-17  Michael Wallner- warning hunt
2005-05-22  Michael Wallner* flush *
2005-05-02  Michael Wallnerflush
2005-04-27  Michael Wallner- separated http_check_method() from http_check_allowed...
2005-04-12  Michael Wallner- renamed response.status to response.code
2005-04-12  Michael Wallner- preparations for HttpMessage
2005-04-11  Michael Wallner- http_parse_headers() now accepts a callback for handl...
2005-04-11  Michael Wallner- simplify
2005-04-10  Michael Wallner* more modular file structure