fix build with xcode clang
[m6w6/ext-http] / php_http_message.h
2013-11-15  Michael Wallnerfix build with xcode clang
2013-05-19  Michael Wallner- less custom macro cruft
2013-03-28  Michael Wallnercodename: client meltdown
2012-12-21  Michael Wallnermerged bodycount branch
2012-12-21  Michael Wallnerimplement message body reference counting
2012-12-20  Michael Wallnermerged response-streams branch
2012-12-20  Michael Wallneradd stream support for http\Env\Response
2012-11-09  Michael Wallnerallow interrupted message parsing from stream
2012-07-30  Michael Wallneradd php_http_message_zip(): merge request/response...
2012-05-30  Michael Wallner* split request and response message parsers, so the...
2012-04-12  Michael Wallneradd http\Client\AbstractClient#request(string method...
2012-04-03  Michael Wallnercode cleanup
2012-03-30  Michael Wallnerreintegrate the DEV_2-client branch
2012-03-26  Michael Wallneradd current state of refactoring
2012-03-26  Michael Wallnercommit lingering changes: http\Message::toStream()...
2012-03-20  Michael Wallnerremove lots of unused code; tests++; speed up php_http_...
2012-03-10  Michael Wallnerless intrusive fix
2012-03-09  Remi ColletFix error: redefinition of typedef 'php_http_message_t...
2012-03-07  Michael Wallneradd bool http\Message::isMultipart([&$boundary]) and...
2012-01-09  Michael Wallnerheader cleanups and fix some warnings
2011-07-28  Michael Wallnerbuild and file maintenance
2011-06-12  Michael Wallner* request message and history
2010-09-07  Michael Wallnerimport 2.0 devl branch, suitable for PHP-trunk