add max-age to http\Cookie
[m6w6/ext-http] / php_http_cookie.c
2013-01-10  Michael Wallneradd max-age to http\Cookie
2012-12-22  Michael Wallnersafety guards for objects which di not set the intern...
2012-12-13  Michael Wallnerremove superfluous buffer macros
2012-12-09  Michael Wallnerfix leaks
2012-11-08  Michael Wallnerbetter PHP-5.3 compatibility
2012-06-17  Anatoliy Belskyfixes for windows and 5.3 compatibility
2012-04-05  Michael Wallneruse php_http_array_hashkey_string* where applicable
2012-04-03  Michael Wallnercode cleanup
2012-02-13  Michael Wallnerfix leak
2012-01-24  Michael Wallnercookie test & fixes
2012-01-10  Michael Wallnerheader cleanups; fix IDE warnings
2012-01-09  Michael Wallnerheader cleanups and fix some warnings
2011-11-06  Michael Wallneruse the new params parser
2011-07-28  Michael Wallnerbuild and file maintenance
2011-07-28  Michael Wallneruse zend_symtable where appropriate
2011-07-27  Michael Wallnerremove FluentlyCallable interface
2011-06-12  Michael Wallnerthread safety
2011-05-21  Michael Wallner* use the separator where applicable
2010-10-21  Michael Wallnerpush a load of changes before holidays
2010-09-09  Michael Wallnercleanups & includes
2010-09-08  Michael Wallnerfix problem when finishing a chunked encoding stream
2010-09-07  Michael Wallnerimport 2.0 devl branch, suitable for PHP-trunk