branch off v1 as R_1_7
[m6w6/ext-http] / http_request_object.c
2013-11-21  Michael Wallnerbranch off v1 as R_1_7 v1.7.x
2012-02-17  Michael Wallnerhack PHP_5_4 compatibility into v1
2011-06-10  Felipe Pena- Fixed build with 5.4+
2010-06-09  Michael Wallner* revert incomplete trunk-compatibility-patch
2010-06-04  Felipe Pena- Fixed build on php-trunk
2009-12-31  Michael Wallneryear bump
2009-12-30  Michael Wallnerallow setting of the message class used by HttpRequest
2009-07-31  Michael WallnerAdded postredir request options constants
2009-07-22  Michael Wallner* Added request options:
2009-06-12  Michael WallnerMFB
2009-02-12  Michael WallnerFixed bug #15800
2009-01-12  Michael Wallnerfix bug#15499 HttpRequest::addHeaders segfaults when...
2008-12-11  Michael Wallneradd new proxy constants to HttpRequest, too
2008-09-24  Michael WallnerPHP-5.3 zend_hash API compatibility fix
2008-08-05  Michael Wallnerfix 5.3 build once again
2008-07-27  Michael Wallnerfix MSVC >6 warnings and errors
2008-04-03  Michael Wallnerfix segv with invalid url
2007-10-05  Michael Wallner- add HttpRequest::flushCookies() (libcurl>=7.17.1)
2007-02-23  Michael Wallner- fix regressin
2007-02-23  Michael Wallner- Allow unsetting request options by passing NULL:
2007-02-22  Michael Wallner- removed error prone macros, fixes bug #10151 (build...
2007-02-09  Michael Wallner- finalize persistent handle support (probably)
2007-02-07  Michael Wallner- fix PHP4 build
2007-02-07  Michael Wallner- fix copyright year
2007-02-02  Michael Wallner- deprecate HttpRequest::*RawPostData() in favour of...
2006-12-04  Michael Wallner- missing part of HAVE_CURL_FORMGET
2006-12-04  Michael Wallner- fix SEGV when there's an exception in HttpRequest...
2006-12-04  Michael Wallner- HttpRequest::encodeBody() is also available if curl_f...
2006-12-04  Michael Wallner- fix object leakage when utilizing HttpRequest::onProg...
2006-11-23  Michael Wallner- ditch usage of clunky HTTP_GSC/HTTP_GSP macros
2006-11-20  Michael Wallner- improve internal array handling
2006-11-06  Michael Wallner- added missing ssl version constants
2006-11-06  Michael Wallner- fix PUT abort when neither putData nor putFile is set
2006-11-05  Michael Wallner- add "ipresolve" request option
2006-11-04  Michael Wallner- servers may return a header multiple times, join...
2006-10-27  Michael Wallner- fix leak in HttpResponse::setData()
2006-10-23  Michael Wallner- allow options parameter to be NULL
2006-10-09  Michael Wallner- use way less memory by not duplicating response heade...
2006-09-27  Michael Wallner- portable ctype (
2006-08-21  Michael Wallner- fix a load of issues with inheritance and cloning
2006-07-17  Michael Wallner- fix overload guards leaks
2006-06-02  Michael Wallner- move some cruft of http_request_api.c to php_http_req...
2006-05-31  Michael Wallner- fix build on Debian systems where access to Curl_...
2006-05-25  Michael Wallner- curl grabs longs, so pass longs to curl_easy_setopt()
2006-05-22  Michael Wallner- adjust cookie handling to work better together with...
2006-05-21  Michael Wallner- #ifdef CURLOPT_COOKIELIST out for libcurl < v7.14.1
2006-05-21  Michael Wallner- fix cookie handling
2006-05-19  Michael Wallner- fix switch() CS
2006-05-18  Michael Wallners/IF_RETVAL_USED/if (return_value_used)/
2006-04-29  Michael Wallner- fix aliases and exports
2006-04-18  Michael Wallner- fix SEGV if an error occurs inside a callback and...
2006-04-18  Michael Wallner- rather show the exception than a useless "Cannot...
2006-04-12  Michael Wallner- fix crash if there's no response status string after...
2006-03-29  Michael Wallner- allocate known count of HashTables entries on init
2006-03-28  Michael Wallner- get rid of 1001 strict-aliasing warnings
2006-03-05  Michael Wallner- fix build (unknown macro)
2006-03-03  Michael Wallner- use OBJ_PROP_CE macro
2006-02-27  Michael Wallner- add 'range' request option
2006-02-25  Michael Wallner- prettify header array keys at add time so that check_...
2006-02-24  Michael Wallner- add http_put_data() and HttpRequest::(set|get|add...
2006-02-22  Michael Wallner- fix a mistake crept in which prevented from setting...
2006-02-20  Michael Wallner- need php_stream_open_wrapper_*ex* to pass a stream...
2006-02-20  Michael Wallner- add default stream context support
2006-02-16  Michael Wallner- fixed message chain order in HttpRequest::getHistory()
2006-02-14  Michael Wallner- save some time by reversing on the message level
2006-02-14  Michael Wallner- reverse request history
2006-02-14  Michael Wallner- reset request->_error
2006-02-14  Michael Wallnertypo
2006-02-14  Michael Wallner- changed HttpRequest::getHistory() to return a real...
2006-02-13  Michael Wallner- ditch useless convert
2006-02-13  Michael Wallner- fix HttpRequest::getResponseCookies()
2006-02-11  Michael Wallner- spawn off http_cookie_api
2006-02-06  Michael Wallner- we actually never return by ref
2006-02-06  Michael Wallner- update docs
2006-02-05  Michael Wallner- implement accessors to messages response status text
2006-02-03  Michael Wallner- fix endless loop in http_build_url() with urls like...
2006-01-20  Michael Wallneradd addref param to RETURN_OBJVAL() etc
2006-01-19  Michael Wallner- some housekeeping
2006-01-13  Michael Wallner- reset CURLOPT_CUSTOMREQUEST at the correct places
2006-01-13  Ilia AlshanetskyDon't forget to reset CUSTOMREQUEST on method change...
2006-01-10  Michael Wallner- nuke lots of warnings by removing useless calls to...
2006-01-07  Michael Wallner- clarify http_curl_init(), it cannot be used with...
2006-01-07  Michael Wallner- initialize opts zval ptr to NULL as it's an optional...
2006-01-07  Michael Wallner- fix cloning if there's no curl handle yet
2006-01-07  Michael Wallner- create a request body only if there's something to...
2006-01-07  Michael Wallner- set curl options that won't change only at initializa...
2006-01-06  Ilia AlshanetskyAdded "protocol" option that allows changing of the...
2006-01-02  Michael Wallner- happy new year
2005-12-31  Michael Wallner- cleanup property access macros arguments
2005-12-31  Michael Wallner- fix access of private properties
2005-12-28  Michael Wallner- fix put requests
2005-12-28  Michael Wallner- fix crash with custom content-type when no other...
2005-12-28  Michael Wallner- return zvals directly and don'T assume a type
2005-12-28  Michael Wallner- hopefully some more appropriate fixes for the zval...
2005-12-26  Michael Wallner- add ob_(deflate|inflate)handler
2005-12-22  Michael Wallner- fix leak with post files
2005-12-22  Michael Wallner- fix resetting post fields
2005-12-22  Michael Wallner- fix addRawPostData corruption
2005-12-22  Michael Wallner- separation of the postFields array
2005-12-22  Michael Wallner- no need for a explicit destructor any longer