- gzip responses
[m6w6/ext-http] / http_encoding_api.c
2005-10-17  Michael Wallner- gzip responses
2005-10-13  Michael Wallner- independency from ext/zlib
2005-10-12  Michael Wallner- don't try to allocate negative size
2005-10-12  Michael Wallner- fix bitmask checking
2005-10-12  Michael Wallner- add gzip header verification
2005-10-12  Michael Wallner- use the same approach in uncompress like in inflate
2005-10-11  Michael Wallner- rerun only on Z_BUF_ERROR
2005-10-11  Michael Wallner- we need a bit more space for the footer too in http_g...
2005-10-10  Michael Wallner- initialize default compression level
2005-10-10  Michael Wallner- fix CRC retrieval
2005-10-10  Michael Wallner- move the chunked decoder to the encoding_api
2005-10-10  Michael Wallner- add own zlib layer