branch off v1 as R_1_7
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2007-02-09  Michael Wallner- finalize persistent handle support (probably)
2007-02-08  Michael Wallner- 1.5.0RC1
2007-01-19  Michael Wallner- release 1.4.0RC2
2006-09-13  Michael Wallner- add HttpRequestDataShare (interface to curl_share)
2006-07-08  Michael Wallner- HttpQueryString implements ArrayAccess
2006-07-07  Michael Wallner- add HttpMessage::get(string $name)
2006-07-06  Michael Wallner- add HttpQueryString::mod()
2006-06-08  Michael Wallner- add HttpMessage::guessContentType()
2006-06-01  Michael Wallner+ Added INI entries: http.log.not_found, http.send...
2006-05-28  Michael Wallner- fix log ini entries in docs
2006-05-28  Michael Wallner- release RC5
2006-05-27  Michael Wallner- adjust ini entry names to those of the globals struct
2006-05-25  Michael Wallner- curl grabs longs, so pass longs to curl_easy_setopt()
2006-05-22  Michael Wallner- adjust cookie handling to work better together with...
2006-05-19  Michael Wallner - release RC4
2006-04-22  Michael Wallner- split off query strin API and use it in
2006-04-13  Michael Wallner- release 1.0.0RC3
2006-04-06  Michael Wallner- doc fixes
2006-03-19  Michael Wallner- release 1.0.0RC1
2006-03-07  Michael Wallner- fix proto *static* HttpQueryString::singleton()
2006-03-07  Michael Wallner- rename HttpQueryString::getInstance() to HttpQueryStr...
2006-03-06  Michael Wallner- split off files from tutorial.txt into lib/*.php
2006-02-24  Michael Wallner- add http_put_data() and HttpRequest::(set|get|add...
2006-02-20  Michael Wallner- release .24
2006-02-17  Michael Wallner- add portrange request option
2006-02-15  Michael Wallner- release 0.23
2006-02-11  Michael Wallnerchangelog & docs
2006-02-06  Michael Wallner- docs for http_build_(url|str)
2006-02-06  Michael Wallner- update docs
2006-02-03  Michael Wallner- prepare v.22 release
2006-01-30  Michael Wallnerupdate
2006-01-30  Michael Wallnerupdate docs
2006-01-03  Michael Wallner- prepare release 0.21.0
2005-12-26  Michael Wallner- add ob_(deflate|inflate)handler
2005-12-14  Michael Wallner- export http_parse_cookie()
2005-12-09  Michael Wallner- lotta changes asked by Ilia
2005-12-06  Michael Wallner- fypo tix
2005-12-06  Michael Wallner- add an "Download big file" example
2005-11-21  Michael Wallner- drop mhash support
2005-11-10  Michael Wallner- make request_exec() always succeed (picky curl)
2005-11-10  Michael Wallner- remove example scripts, as those can be extracted...
2005-11-08  Michael Wallner- added INI setting http.force_exit which can be used...
2005-11-04  Michael Wallner- update for release 0.17.0
2005-10-19  Michael Wallner- release 0.16
2005-10-11  Michael Wallner- docs
2005-10-09  Michael Wallner- examples fixup
2005-10-05  Michael Wallner- doc: generate a TOC
2005-10-05  Michael Wallner- changelog
2005-09-16  Michael Wallner- example fixup
2005-09-16  Michael Wallner- new negotiator + test
2005-09-12  Michael Wallner- print doesn't like commas
2005-09-12  Michael Wallner- ws
2005-09-12  Michael Wallner- add missing support for raw post data (HttpRequest)
2005-09-07  Michael Wallner- add exemplar ini file
2005-08-26  Michael Wallner- update docs
2005-08-01  Michael Wallner- release 0.11.0
2005-07-25  Michael Wallner- release 0.10.0
2005-07-22  Michael Wallner- docs
2005-06-15  Michael Wallner- update docs
2005-06-06  Michael Wallner- update docs
2005-05-25  Michael Wallner- update docs
2005-03-24  Michael Wallner* update
2005-03-22  Michael Wallner- updating docs
2005-03-07  Michael Wallner* docs
2005-03-04  Michael Wallner* fix header ids
2005-03-04  Michael Wallner* release 0.6.0
2005-02-19  Michael Wallner* fixed a LOAD of mem-leaks
2005-02-10  Michael Wallner* some basic docs