- using Accept-Encoding header instead of CURLOPT_ENCODING avoids issues with curl...
[m6w6/ext-http] / KnownIssues.txt
2005-12-14  Michael Wallner- using Accept-Encoding header instead of CURLOPT_ENCOD...
2005-12-12  Michael Wallner- update package.xml
2005-12-10  Michael Wallner- bug has been fixed; remaining buffering apache filter...
2005-12-05  Michael Wallner- add note about memleaks in HttpRequestPool::__constru...
2005-11-16  Michael Wallner- release 0.18.0
2005-11-11  Michael Wallner- poor stream filter for chunked encoding
2005-10-19  Michael Wallner- release 0.16
2005-10-09  Michael Wallner- add note about SSL connect errors on windows due...
2005-10-03  Michael Wallner- add note about FastCGI buffering/flush issue (throttling)
2005-09-13  Michael Wallner- exposed properties hould now be typesafe
2005-09-12  Michael Wallner- add missing support for raw post data (HttpRequest)
2005-09-08  Michael Wallner- ditch warnings
2005-09-07  Michael Wallner- ditch TSRMLS_FETCH() occurences
2005-09-07  Michael Wallner- fix PHP4 build in http_error_ex()
2005-09-06  Michael Wallner- rephrase and add link to libmagic build files for...
2005-09-06  Michael Wallner- add HttpResponse::guessContentType() through libmagic
2005-09-02  Michael Wallner- no HttpResponse for WONKY
2005-08-25  Michael Wallner- add etag generation through mhash
2005-08-24  Michael Wallner- include missing.h in http.c for static property fixup
2005-08-16  Michael Wallner- add note about infunctional HttpResponse class due...
2005-07-29  Michael Wallner- fix INI entries
2005-07-24  Michael Wallner- no need to mark HttpUtil as final
2005-07-24  Michael Wallner- fix some gcc warnings
2005-06-15  Michael Wallner- update known issues
2005-06-14  Michael Wallner- fixed mem leak
2005-06-14  Michael Wallner- add known issues file