handle opcache as zend_extension
[m6w6/pecl-ci] / php-version.php
2020-11-30  Michael Wallnerupdate for PHP-8
2019-04-01  Michael Wallnerupdate php mirrors
2018-02-20  Michael Wallnermake optically consistent
2016-01-21  Michael Wallnerfix notices with "master" as argument
2016-01-19  Michael WallnerMerge pull request #1 from 0mars/master
2015-12-07  Michael Wallneradd 7.0 as explicitely supported PHP version
2015-08-05  Michael Wallnersort of support master
2015-07-31  Michael Wallnertravis php compat
2015-07-31  Michael Wallnerpackage.xml checker
2015-07-31  Michael Wallneruse better release list
2015-07-31  Michael Wallnerpass through exact versions
2015-07-30  Michael Wallnersplit off ext-pq