2013-01-10  Michael Wallneradd max-age to http\Cookie
2013-01-09  Michael WallnerFix bug #63947 $_POST set as NULL for GET when Content...
2013-01-04  Michael Wallner- we have const APIs in 5.4+ and do not care about...
2013-01-04  Michael Wallnertracis-ci
2013-01-04  Michael Wallnertravis-ci
2013-01-03  Anatoliy Belskyfixed config.w32 for build with curl enabled
2012-12-31  Remi ColletFix php_http_message.c:136:14: warning: comparison...
2012-12-31  Remi Colletfix memset arg order
2012-12-31  Michael Wallnerrelease beta4
2012-12-31  Michael Wallnerdisable libserf check
2012-12-31  Michael Wallnerfix explicit php version in test
2012-12-31  Michael Wallnerprepare beta4
2012-12-31  Michael Wallner%d object handle id
2012-12-31  Michael Wallnerfixed message var_dump with inherited property with...
2012-12-22  Michael Wallnersafety guards for objects which di not set the intern...
2012-12-21  Michael Wallnermerged bodycount branch
2012-12-21  Michael Wallnerimplement message body reference counting
2012-12-20  Michael Wallnerwe've a massive problem with message bodies refernced...
2012-12-20  Michael Wallnermerged response-streams branch
2012-12-20  Michael Wallneradd stream support for http\Env\Response
2012-12-18  Michael WallnerAttempt to add streams support to http\Env\Response
2012-12-14  Michael Wallnersimple escape/quotes support for the params parser
2012-12-14  Michael Wallnerdisable for 5.3
2012-12-14  Michael Wallneradd http\Header::getParams()
2012-12-14  Michael Wallnerremove unused code
2012-12-13  Remi Colletfix build with old curl version
2012-12-13  Michael Wallner2.0.0beta3
2012-12-13  Michael Wallnerremove superfluous buffer macros
2012-12-13  Michael Wallnerseparate zval, so source is not urlencoded
2012-12-13  Michael Wallnerfix use of uninitialised value
2012-12-12  Michael Wallnercatch CRs with %c and remove XFAIL
2012-12-12  Michael Wallneruse the params parser for query strings
2012-12-12  Michael Wallnerno need to separate the zval here
2012-12-12  Michael Wallnerfix crash with free'd event_base pointer
2012-12-12  Michael Wallnerfix leak with vararg zend_parse_parameters
2012-12-12  Michael Wallneraqdd missing files
2012-12-12  Michael Wallnertests++
2012-12-12  Michael Wallnerre-implement params serializer
2012-12-12  Michael Wallnerremove unsued _to_struct
2012-12-12  Michael Wallneruse final_class flag
2012-12-12  Michael Wallneruse explicit abstract class flag
2012-12-12  Michael Wallneradd http\Header::negotiate()
2012-12-12  Michael Wallneruse array_list
2012-12-12  Michael Wallnerdisplay registered API
2012-12-12  Michael Wallnerfiy segv with null pointer string on flush
2012-12-12  Michael Wallnerchange array_list API
2012-12-12  Michael Wallnerremove pass_state callback flag
2012-12-09  Michael Wallnertests++
2012-12-09  Michael Wallnerfix leak
2012-12-09  Michael Wallnerfix leak
2012-12-09  Michael Wallnerfix caching by last modified
2012-12-09  Michael Wallnerget_storage() -> php_http_curl_client_get_storage()
2012-12-09  Michael Wallnerget_storage() -> php_http_curl_client_get_storage()
2012-12-09  Michael Wallnerfix leaks
2012-12-09  Michael Wallnersimplify getCookies()
2012-12-09  Michael Wallnerfix leak
2012-12-09  Michael Wallnerexplicit chunk size
2012-12-09  Michael Wallnerremove odd includes
2012-12-07  Michael Wallnerrefactored client options
2012-11-29  Michael Wallner2.0.0beta2
2012-11-12  Michael Wallnerfixup stream filters, so that, when attached as a reading
2012-11-12  Michael Wallnerlet the caller care for the message headers on serialis...
2012-11-12  Michael Wallneraddref to body resource
2012-11-09  Michael Wallnerallow interrupted message parsing from stream
2012-11-08  Michael Wallnerbetter PHP-5.3 compatibility
2012-11-07  Michael Wallner- add http\Env::getResponseStatusForAllCodes()
2012-10-28  Michael Wallner80%+ test coverage
2012-10-28  Michael Wallnerfix grabbing files from array
2012-10-28  Michael Wallnerfix typo
2012-10-28  Michael Wallnerfix curl_multi with libevent2
2012-10-11  Michael Wallner2.0.0beta1
2012-07-30  Michael Wallnertest http\Url::SANITIZE_PATH
2012-07-30  Michael Wallnertest parsing messages from stream
2012-07-30  Michael Wallnerfix leak in persisten handles cleanup routine
2012-07-30  Michael Wallnerfix php_http_locate_bin_eol(()
2012-07-30  Michael Wallnerfix parsing messages from stream
2012-07-30  Michael Wallnerimplement Serializable
2012-07-30  Michael Wallnerimplement Serializable
2012-07-30  Michael Wallneradd php_http_message_zip(): merge request/response...
2012-07-30  Michael Wallnerfix parsing of folded headers
2012-07-30  Michael Wallnerfoward querystring API
2012-07-30  Michael Wallnerensure we're talking to curl ops
2012-07-30  Michael Wallnerensure we're talking to curl ops
2012-07-30  Michael Wallnerallow send() without parameter
2012-07-30  Michael Wallnerexplicitly declare as abstract
2012-07-30  Michael Wallneravoid serialization
2012-07-30  Michael Wallnerfix leak; fix history
2012-07-30  Michael Wallnerexpand #if CURL
2012-07-20  Michael Wallnerensure these properties are always set
2012-06-17  Anatoliy Belskyfixes for windows and 5.3 compatibility
2012-05-30  Michael Wallner* split request and response message parsers, so the...
2012-05-30  Michael Wallnerexlcude the port from hostname
2012-05-10  Michael Wallneradd missing HTTP response status codes regarding to...
2012-05-09  Michael Wallneradd json content type handler if ext/json is present
2012-05-07  Michael Wallnerdon't sanitize URL path by default, and add http\Url...
2012-04-13  Michael Wallnerprepare 2.0.0alpha1 release
2012-04-13  Michael Wallnerfix valgrind errors
2012-04-12  Michael Wallnerfix leak; fix compiler warning
2012-04-12  Michael Wallneradd http\Client\AbstractClient#request(string method...
2012-04-12  Michael Wallnerfiy a serialization issue; always add "arguments" key...