2009-12-23  Michael Wallnerrelease 0.7.0 RELEASE_0_7_0
2009-12-23  Michael Wallnerfix build with c-ares >= 1.6.1
2009-12-23  Michael Wallnerremove oboslete code
2009-12-23  Michael Wallner* Implemented reply parsers for A, NS, PTR, CNAME,...
2009-11-05  Pierre Joye- update to package.xml v2
2009-07-13  Gwynne Raskindfix a huge number of wrong MIME types. UGH.
2009-01-08  Michael Wallnerthis should finally do it
2009-01-07  Michael Wallnerfix php-5.3 incomatibility and several typos
2009-01-07  Michael Wallnerdropped unused functions;
2008-03-31  Steph Fox- Bring the majority of PECL extensions into line with...
2006-11-07  Michael Wallner- fix byte order of ports
2006-11-06  Michael Wallner- typo s/ARES_OPT_SERVERS/ARES_OPT_DOMAINS/
2006-04-03  Michael Wallner- PHP4, configure, ZTS, license fixes
2006-04-03  Michael Wallner- add pecl/ares
2006-04-03  SVN MigrationStandard project directories initialized by cvs2svn.