2015-04-24  Michael Wallnerfixed bug with mixed case boundaries v1.0.1
2015-04-24  Michael Wallnerupdate test to include a form field
2015-03-18  Michael Wallnerrelease 1.0.0 v1.0.0
2015-03-10  Michael Wallnerrelease 1.0.0RC1 v1.0.0RC1
2015-03-05  Michael WallnerPHP7 support
2015-03-05  Michael Wallnerset right size for the file, probably did some edit...
2015-03-05  Remi ColletRelax test to have success.
2015-03-05  Michael Wallnersplit off pecl_http
2015-03-04  Hannes MagnussonInitial commit