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2015-05-20  Michael WallnerMerge branch 'async'
2015-05-20  Michael Wallnerupdate to current promise APIs async
2015-01-31  Michael Wallnersupport env for dsn; useful for running phpunit
2014-10-14  Michael Wallnerrefactor relations
2014-10-06  Michael Wallnercompatibility with ext-pq/master
2014-09-16  Michael Wallneruse standard SplObserver
2013-05-15  Michael Wallneradd support for one-dimensional arrays; type input...
2013-05-03  Michael Wallnerensure accessing a cell on ref update
2013-04-25  Michael Wallnertest fixups
2013-04-13  Michael Wallneradded Table::with()
2013-04-13  Michael Wallneradd identity and lock
2013-03-15  Michael Wallnerautoload; cache; tests;
2013-03-06  Michael Wallnertests
2013-03-05  Michael Wallnertests
2013-03-05  Michael Wallneradd test