2016-11-23  Michael Wallnerfix ptrdiff_t and _GNU_SOURCE detection
2016-11-23  Michael Wallnertravis: install libsqlite3-dev
2016-11-23  Michael Wallnerfix package.xml
2016-11-22  Michael Wallnerraising the head after a three-weeks refactoring
2016-10-25  Michael Wallnerflush
2016-10-24  Michael Wallnerflush
2016-10-21  Michael Wallnercppcheck: fix realloc, vanullarg, unsignedcmp
2016-10-21  Michael Wallnercppcheck: fix possible null deref and unused structs
2016-10-21  Michael Wallnerconfigure: AC_HEADER_ASSERT
2016-10-21  Michael Wallnerconfigure: better support for extvars
2016-10-20  Michael Wallnerconfigure: improve checks for funcs not in stdlib
2016-10-20  Michael Wallnerconfigure: add -lgdbm if needed for ndbm support
2016-10-19  Michael Wallnerpackage: fix src listing
2016-10-19  Michael Wallnertravis: add libidn11-dev for tests
2016-10-19  Michael Wallnertests: fix skipif \!utsname.domainname
2016-10-19  Michael Wallnertests: fix ndbm cleanup
2016-10-19  Michael Wallnertests: fix linux glob test
2016-10-19  Michael Wallnerbuild: fix install headers
2016-10-19  Michael Wallnergitignore
2016-10-18  Michael Wallnermore travis-trusty fix attempts
2016-10-18  Michael Wallnerndbm fix for trusty
2016-10-18  Michael Wallnertravis trusty
2016-10-18  Michael Wallneradd glob_err test
2016-10-18  Michael Wallnergitignore
2016-10-18  Michael Wallnerautoconf: split into subdirectories; redirect calls...
2016-10-18  Michael Wallnerexpand let marshal's parameters
2016-10-18  Michael Wallnertypes refactoring
2016-10-18  Michael Wallnervalidation and marshaling of structs/unions
2016-10-18  Michael Wallnerfunctor types
2016-10-18  Michael Wallnerinner let vals
2016-08-25  Michael Wallnerapi refactoring
2016-08-24  Michael Wallnermake the parser understandable by IDE
2016-08-23  Michael Wallnerimprove/fix build
2016-04-15  Michael Wallnerupdate travis/pecl
2016-04-15  Michael Wallnerconfigure: improve detection of wchar_t
2016-04-15  Michael Wallnerease pear installer version requirement
2016-04-15  Michael Wallnerupdate travis/pecl
2016-04-14  Michael Wallnerprovide package.xml stub
2016-04-14  Michael Wallnerescape backslash
2016-04-14  Michael Wallnerinstall re2c
2016-04-14  Michael Wallnerfix bashisms in configure
2016-04-14  Michael Wallnerfix libjit warning
2016-04-14  Michael Wallneradd travis support
2016-04-14  Michael Wallneradd WIP warnings
2016-04-14  Michael Wallneradd missing tests
2016-02-16  Michael WallnerMerge branch 'more-validations' origin/master
2016-02-16  Michael Wallnermore validations
2016-02-16  Michael Wallnermade the real decl_type a union
2016-02-16  Michael Wallnermore validations
2016-02-16  Michael Wallnerflush
2016-02-15  Michael Wallnerfix parseing/dumping functors
2016-02-15  Michael Wallnerfix test
2016-02-15  Michael Wallnerfix varargs support
2016-02-15  Michael Wallnerlibjit backend callback support
2016-02-15  Michael Wallnerindent nested type dumps; fix anonymous dump
2016-02-15  Michael Wallnerextract psi_callback()
2016-02-15  Michael Wallnerfix dump
2016-02-12  Michael Wallnercleanup test
2016-02-12  Michael Wallnerfix leak
2016-02-12  Michael Wallnerdon't let impls leak into decls
2016-02-12  Michael WallnerMerge branch 'callbacks'
2016-02-12  Michael Wallnersqlite test
2016-02-12  Michael Wallnerzval passthru
2016-02-12  Michael Wallnerfix leaks
2016-02-12  Michael Wallnerbasic callback support
2016-02-11  Michael Wallnerflush
2016-02-10  Michael Wallnerfix retval
2016-02-10  Michael Wallnerflush
2016-02-09  Michael Wallnerflush
2016-02-08  Michael Wallnerflush
2016-02-05  Michael Wallnercallable and func_ptr typedef fixes
2016-02-04  Michael Wallnermake CALLOC a fallback NAME
2016-02-03  Michael Wallnertoo late in the game
2016-02-03  Michael Wallnerremove obsolete macro
2016-02-03  Michael Wallnerupdate readme
2016-02-02  Michael Wallnerfix build & tests
2016-02-01  Michael Wallnerflush
2016-02-01  Michael Wallnerflush
2016-02-01  Michael Wallnerflush
2016-01-29  Michael Wallnersilence first validation round
2016-01-29  Michael Wallnerflush
2016-01-28  Michael Wallnerflush
2016-01-28  Michael Wallnerflush
2016-01-28  Michael Wallnerfull struct typedefs
2016-01-27  Michael Wallnerenums
2016-01-27  Michael Wallnerpsi_dump() & psi_validate()
2016-01-27  Michael Wallnercode structure
2016-01-26  Michael Wallnertype parser fixes
2016-01-26  Michael Wallnerlong double calc
2016-01-26  Michael Wallnerfix warnings
2016-01-26  Michael Wallnerfix build with long double
2016-01-26  Michael Wallnerwe now have fcntl
2016-01-26  Michael Wallnerfix to_array statment
2016-01-26  Michael Wallnerfcntl
2016-01-26  Michael Wallnerstruct member fixes
2016-01-26  Michael Wallnermissing m4
2016-01-21  Michael Wallnerpassing structs by value
2016-01-20  Michael Wallneradd missing test
2016-01-20  Michael Wallnerstruct retvals
2016-01-18  Michael Wallnersort struct members