CPP builtins
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2018-12-10  Michael WallnerCPP builtins
2018-12-10  Michael Wallnernew test
2018-12-10  Michael WallnerCPP builtins
2018-12-04  Michael Wallneradd test
2018-12-04  Michael Wallnermore verbose context ops
2018-12-04  Michael Wallnerreset test
2018-12-04  Michael Wallnerfix float formats; fix sime defval edge cases
2018-12-04  Michael Wallnerbasic support for builtins
2018-07-26  Michael Wallnertests: fix self-dump validation
2017-09-07  Michael Wallnertests: typedef void is actually a thing
2017-09-06  Michael Wallnerparser: decl blacklist
2017-07-25  Michael Wallnerfix leak
2017-05-03  Michael Wallnerimproved type validation
2017-05-03  Michael Wallnersplit decl to allow functors as arg
2017-05-03  Michael Wallnerbison
2017-05-03  Michael Wallnercpp
2016-11-28  Michael Wallnerparser: add mmap and string parser
2016-11-22  Michael Wallnerraising the head after a three-weeks refactoring
2016-10-24  Michael Wallnerflush
2016-10-18  Michael Wallnervalidation and marshaling of structs/unions
2016-04-14  Michael Wallneradd missing tests
2016-02-16  Michael WallnerMerge branch 'more-validations' origin/master
2016-02-16  Michael Wallnermore validations
2016-02-16  Michael Wallnermade the real decl_type a union
2016-02-16  Michael Wallnermore validations
2016-01-29  Michael Wallnerflush
2016-01-27  Michael Wallnerpsi_dump() & psi_validate()
2016-01-26  Michael Wallnertype parser fixes