travis: update
[m6w6/ext-psi] / m4 /
2018-12-04  Michael Wallnerbuild administrativa
2018-12-04  Michael Wallnerbuild cleanup
2018-12-04  Michael Wallner* threaded parser
2018-12-04  Michael Wallnerfix clang build
2018-12-04  Michael Wallnermore verbose context ops
2018-12-04  Michael Wallnerbasic support for builtins
2018-07-26  Michael Wallnerconfigure: _Float types
2018-04-16  Michael Wallnerwe're supposed to parse all that ourselves
2018-04-16  Michael WallnerMerge branch 'slimconfigure'
2017-10-16  Michael Wallnerparser: accept trailing comma in enums; __restrict...
2017-10-13  Michael Wallner__int128 support
2017-09-08  Michael Wallnerjust predefine stdc inttypes
2017-07-26  Michael Wallneradd malloc stubs
2017-07-19  Michael Wallnerconfigure: add stdarg
2017-05-03  Michael Wallnercpp
2017-05-03  Michael Wallnercpp
2017-05-03  Michael Wallnerfix awk re
2017-05-03  Michael Wallnerbison
2017-02-20  Michael Wallnerbuild: fixes
2017-02-20  Michael Wallnerbuild: PHP<7.2 compatibility
2017-02-08  Michael Wallnerabi: support for most basic calling conventions
2017-02-08  Michael Wallnerposix: arpa_inet
2017-02-08  Michael Wallnerconfigure: fix fd restoration
2017-02-07  Michael Wallnerconfigure: fix consts; rel paths for lemon; stabilize
2017-02-06  Michael Wallnerclose #1: do not check for constants value
2017-02-06  Michael Wallnerconfigure: fix maintainer mode
2017-02-06  Michael Wallnerwe need the typedef also for release builds
2017-02-06  Michael Wallnerfix extra ws
2017-02-03  Michael Wallnerconfigure: generate lemon in the build dir, too
2017-02-03  Michael Wallnerconfigure: generate less files, and do that in build dir
2017-02-02  Michael Wallnerconfigure: add --enable-psi-maintainer-mode
2017-02-01  Michael Wallnerbetter dependency management
2016-12-01  Michael Wallnernum_exp: RPN calculator
2016-11-29  Michael Wallnerconfigure: fix gcc crash and link optimizer
2016-11-29  Michael Wallnerconfigure: higher precedence for $LEMON
2016-11-28  Michael Wallnerconfigure: fix typo
2016-11-23  Michael Wallnerfix ptrdiff_t and _GNU_SOURCE detection
2016-11-22  Michael Wallnerraising the head after a three-weeks refactoring
2016-10-25  Michael Wallnerflush
2016-10-21  Michael Wallnerconfigure: better support for extvars
2016-10-20  Michael Wallnerconfigure: improve checks for funcs not in stdlib
2016-10-20  Michael Wallnerconfigure: add -lgdbm if needed for ndbm support
2016-10-18  Michael Wallnermore travis-trusty fix attempts
2016-10-18  Michael Wallnerndbm fix for trusty
2016-10-18  Michael Wallnerautoconf: split into subdirectories; redirect calls...
2016-10-18  Michael Wallnervalidation and marshaling of structs/unions
2016-10-18  Michael Wallnerfunctor types
2016-08-23  Michael Wallnerimprove/fix build
2016-04-15  Michael Wallnerconfigure: improve detection of wchar_t
2016-04-14  Michael Wallnerescape backslash
2016-04-14  Michael Wallnerfix bashisms in configure
2016-02-02  Michael Wallnerfix build & tests
2016-02-01  Michael Wallnerflush
2016-02-01  Michael Wallnerflush
2016-02-01  Michael Wallnerflush
2016-01-29  Michael Wallnerflush
2016-01-28  Michael Wallnerflush
2016-01-27  Michael Wallnercode structure
2016-01-26  Michael Wallnertype parser fixes
2016-01-26  Michael Wallnerfix build with long double
2016-01-26  Michael Wallnerfcntl
2016-01-26  Michael Wallnerstruct member fixes
2016-01-26  Michael Wallnermissing m4
2016-01-21  Michael Wallnerpassing structs by value
2016-01-20  Michael Wallnerstruct retvals
2016-01-18  Michael Wallnerpassing structs
2016-01-18  Michael WallnerMerge branch 'more-config-types'
2016-01-18  Michael Wallnerflush
2016-01-18  Michael Wallnerflush
2016-01-15  Michael Wallneradd config files
2016-01-15  Michael Wallnerconfigure improvements
2016-01-14  Michael Wallneravoid busting bash's stack with a too big if body in...
2016-01-12  Michael Wallnerflush
2016-01-12  Michael Wallnerflush
2016-01-05  Michael Wallnerflush
2016-01-05  Michael Wallnersyslog
2016-01-04  Michael Wallnerworkaround for old libffi
2016-01-04  Michael Wallnerstdio vararg decls
2016-01-04  Michael Wallnerflush
2015-12-17  Michael Wallnerawk portability
2015-12-17  Michael Wallnerfix macro decl
2015-12-17  Michael WallnerOSX st_gen
2015-12-11  Michael Wallnerflush
2015-11-27  Michael Wallnerflush
2015-11-26  Michael Wallnerflush