2013-02-16  Michael WallnerMerge bitbucket.org:mike_php_net/ext-propro release-0.1.0
2013-02-16  Michael Wallnerpackage
2013-02-16  Michael Wallnerah yes, this is where we started actually
2013-02-16  Michael Wallnerremove that line already
2013-02-16  Michael Wallnertest
2013-02-16  Michael Wallnerdebugging aids; has_dimension and unset_dimension
2013-02-16  Michael Wallnerstart with a low version
2013-02-15  Ferenc Kovacsinit
2013-02-07  Michael Wallnerfix CC warning
2013-02-04  Michael Wallneradd parent recursion support; package.xml
2013-02-03  Michael Wallnerlicensing
2013-02-03  Michael Wallnertest
2013-02-03  Michael Wallnerinitial version