[config.w32] Warn that propro was discontinued
[m6w6/ext-propro] / config.w32
2020-12-02  Jan Ehrhardt[config.w32] Warn that propro was discontinued master
2020-12-01  Jan Ehrhardt[config.w32] disable trying to build ext for PHP8
2016-01-22  Michael WallnerMerge pull request #1 from Jan-E/master
2016-01-22  Jan-EFix PHP7 config.w32 1/head
2015-09-30  Michael WallnerMerge branch 'v1.0.x'
2015-09-30  Michael Wallnermore standardization
2014-07-18  Anatol Belskifixe config.w32 for phpize mode
2013-12-05  Michael WallnerMerge remote-tracking branch 'refs/remotes/origin/master'
2013-09-29  Anatol Belskiadded config.w32