2014-09-25  Michael Wallnerupdate from docs
2014-09-17  Michael Wallnermore internal conversions
2014-09-17  Michael Wallnerfix test
2014-09-17  Michael Wallnertypo
2014-09-17  Michael Wallnerguard against uninitialized property write, too
2014-09-17  Michael Wallnerreverse arguments of pq\Result::fetchCol()
2014-09-16  Michael Wallnerfix bitmask
2014-09-15  Michael Wallnermake arg to fetchAllCols optional
2014-09-15  Michael Wallnerfix raphf dep
2014-09-15  Michael Wallnerfiy double slash
2014-09-15  Michael Wallnerbitbucket issue #7: pq\Result::fetchAllCols(col_idx_or_...
2014-09-13  Michael Wallnerping server and eventually reset conn on wakeup
2014-09-12  Michael Wallnerfix package.xml
2014-09-12  Michael Wallnerphp_pq_type.h
2014-09-12  Michael Wallnerupdate tests
2014-09-12  Michael Wallnerrefactor auto conversion
2014-09-12  Michael Wallnerrefactor type conversion
2014-09-12  Michael Wallneradd default propoerties to connection
2014-09-12  Michael Wallneravoid adding a ref to the object of the iterator actual...
2014-09-11  Michael Wallnerfix possible invalid free and a leak
2014-09-11  Michael Wallnerfix test
2014-09-11  Michael Wallnerfix --without-pq-postgresql
2014-09-11  Michael Wallneradministrativa
2014-09-11  Michael Wallnerfix bitbucket issue #2
2014-07-14  Michael Wallnerunregister eventhandler
2014-07-14  Michael Wallnerunlisten support
2014-07-14  Michael Wallneruse php_pq_callback_recurse
2014-07-14  Michael Wallnerfix test for newer internal datetime format
2014-05-23  Michael Wallnerzts and 5.6 fixes ida
2014-04-04  Michael Wallneradd cursor support
2014-04-04  Michael Wallnerfix test for 9.3+
2013-10-15  Anatol Belskifix version macros name
2013-05-15  Michael Wallnerr0.4.0 v0.4.0
2013-05-14  Michael Wallnertest Statement::bind()
2013-05-14  Michael Wallnerfix Statement::descAsync; add Result::desc()
2013-05-14  Michael Wallnerversion
2013-05-14  Michael Wallnertypo
2013-05-14  Michael Wallnermoar tests
2013-05-14  Michael Wallneralways provide a property zval
2013-05-14  Michael Wallnertype converters
2013-05-12  Michael Wallneradd simple array param serialization
2013-05-03  Michael Wallnerr0.3.0 v0.3.0
2013-05-01  Michael Wallnertest fix; build fix; meta data
2013-04-29  Michael Wallnertypo
2013-04-29  Michael Wallnertest
2013-04-29  Michael Wallnertype coercion for the array parser
2013-04-29  Michael Wallnerarray parser
2013-04-29  Michael Wallnertypo: oid of bool is 16, not 18
2013-04-25  Michael Wallnerprepare 0.2.0 v0.2.0
2013-04-24  Michael Wallnerbetter datetime handling
2013-04-24  Michael Wallnerextended result type handling with catalog/pg_type.h
2013-04-19  Michael Wallneruse the same method signature in fetchCol() and bind()
2013-04-19  Michael Wallnerfix fetchCol to return true/false and pass value int...
2013-04-19  Michael Wallnerbetter type handling for bool/double params
2013-04-15  Michael Wallnerno gc for now
2013-04-15  Michael Wallnertransform event handlers to zvals;
2013-04-13  Michael Wallnerimplemented get_properties() object handler
2013-03-22  Michael Wallnersplit source v0.1.0
2013-03-21  Michael Wallnerfix zend_object_iterator.key with PHP-5.5
2013-02-22  Michael Wallnerexport/import LOB
2013-02-22  Michael Wallneradd TODO
2013-02-22  Michael Wallnertests
2013-02-22  Michael Wallnerpq\LOB stream
2013-02-22  Michael Wallnertypo
2013-02-22  Michael Wallnerfix test
2013-02-21  Michael Wallnerdo not recreate the row zval on every call to current()
2013-02-21  Michael Wallnerremove pq\Event
2013-02-20  Michael Wallnermaintenance
2013-02-19  Michael Wallneradd pq\Result::fetchAll()
2013-02-14  Michael Wallnertests & fixes
2013-02-12  Michael Wallnerfix test
2013-02-12  Michael Wallnerdone with exception refactoring; maybe look over some...
2013-02-12  Michael Wallnerhalf way through the exception refactoring
2013-02-08  Michael Wallnercancel any active async query on persistent connection...
2013-02-08  Michael Wallneradd namespace support to pq\Types
2013-02-07  Michael Wallneradapt persistent handle API
2013-02-06  Michael Wallnersimple persistent connection test
2013-02-06  Michael Wallneronly rollback if transaction status indicates need...
2013-02-06  Michael Wallnerpfui; merging old patches without test
2013-02-06  Michael Wallnermerge danglind Statement->descAsync patch
2013-02-06  Michael Wallnerproper cleanup of persistent connections
2013-02-06  Michael Wallnerdescribe statement async
2013-02-05  Michael Wallnerdrop test table twice; once with notice
2013-02-05  Michael Wallnermaintenance
2013-02-05  Michael Wallnerasync listen/notify
2013-02-02  Michael Wallnerremove unused code
2013-02-02  Michael Wallnerpersistent connections
2013-02-01  Michael Wallnerbound vars
2013-01-31  Michael Wallnerpq\Statement::bind()
2013-01-31  Michael Wallnerbuild maintenance
2013-01-31  Michael Wallnerpq\Result::map(), XTN savepoints & snapshots
2013-01-30  Michael Wallnertrim errors; pq\COPY++
2013-01-29  Michael Wallnerpq\Types, pq\LOB
2013-01-28  Michael Wallnerreset event; informational connection properties
2013-01-27  Michael Wallnerpq\Event::RESULT
2013-01-26  Michael Wallnerrefactor objects
2013-01-26  Michael Wallnerpq\Event::NOTICE
2013-01-25  Michael Wallnercancel
2013-01-25  Michael Wallnertransactions
2013-01-22  Michael Wallnerprogress++