2013-01-21  Michael Wallnernotifications++
2013-01-21  Michael Wallnerfix missing return
2013-01-21  Michael Wallnernotifications
2013-01-21  Michael Wallnerremove superfluous error text in pgres errors
2013-01-21  Michael Wallnerinverted blocking option to async
2013-01-21  Michael Wallneronly create a stream once out of the PQsocket
2013-01-21  Michael Wallnertests++
2013-01-21  Michael WallnerMerge branch 'master' of ssh://bitbucket.org/mike_php_n...
2013-01-21  Michael Wallnerlicense
2013-01-21  Michael Wallnerfix build with subdir
2013-01-21  Michael Wallnergitignore
2013-01-21  Michael WallnerPGresult success handling, add Result::fetchCol, add...
2013-01-21  Michael WallnerTODO
2013-01-21  Michael Wallnertests
2013-01-21  Michael Wallnerprogress++
2013-01-20  Michael Wallnerforeach (new pq\Connection(DSN)->exec(QUERY) as $k...