2006-04-12  Michael Wallner- cleanup
2006-04-12  Michael Wallner- improve struct layout
2006-04-12  Michael Wallner- fix crash if there's no response status string after...
2006-04-06  Michael Wallner- fix compiler warning on win32
2006-04-06  Michael Wallner- add missing http_request_body_encode()
2006-04-06  Michael Wallner- doc fixes
2006-04-06  Michael Wallner- added missing http_request() function stub
2006-04-06  Michael Wallnertypo
2006-04-06  Michael Wallner- there's no php_memnstr in PHP-4
2006-04-05  Michael Wallner- http_parse_headers has become more strict
2006-04-05  Michael Wallner- skip leading ws in http_parse_headers()
2006-04-05  Michael Wallner- bailout on empty keys in http_parse_headers()
2006-04-05  Michael Wallner- fix errenous bailout of http_parse_headers() introduc...
2006-04-02  Michael Wallnertest
2006-04-02  Michael Wallnertest
2006-04-02  Michael Wallnertest
2006-04-02  Michael Wallner- Disallow $HttpMessage->prepend($HttpMessage) causing...
2006-03-31  Michael Wallner- Improved performance of the message and header parser
2006-03-30  Michael Wallner* Fixed missing "parentMessage" entry in print_r($HttpM...
2006-03-29  Michael Wallner- allocate known count of HashTables entries on init
2006-03-29  Michael Wallner- fix warning (initialize zend_object_value)
2006-03-28  Michael Wallner- get rid of 1001 strict-aliasing warnings
2006-03-28  Michael Wallner- release 1.0.0RC2
2006-03-28  Michael Wallner- fix too aggressive caching behavour of HttpResponse
2006-03-27  Michael Wallner- make this class usable, mostly by fixing typos
2006-03-27  Michael Wallner- fix sending userspace streams (only reading 8k at...
2006-03-27  Michael Wallner- override INI(http.force_exit) when calling http_exit...
2006-03-26  Michael Wallner- fixed access of super globals
2006-03-24  Michael Wallner- remove debug printf
2006-03-24  Michael Wallner* Fixed Bug #7192: Build against libcurl >= 7.15.2...
2006-03-19  Michael Wallner- release 1.0.0RC1
2006-03-19  Michael Wallner- add note about HttpResponse::getHeader() not working...
2006-03-19  Michael Wallner- some test fixup
2006-03-19  Michael Wallner- fix HttpQueryString::xlate()
2006-03-19  Michael Wallner- fix builds where include/php/ext/iconv does not have...
2006-03-14  Michael Wallner- rather use '\r'/'\n' character symbols than the hex...
2006-03-12  Michael Wallner- fix php-4 build
2006-03-08  Michael Wallner- fix http_build_str(): urlencode [] brackets
2006-03-08  Michael Wallner- version bump
2006-03-07  Michael Wallner- fix proto *static* HttpQueryString::singleton()
2006-03-07  Michael Wallner- rename HttpQueryString::getInstance() to HttpQueryStr...
2006-03-06  Michael Wallner- ws
2006-03-06  Michael Wallner- split off files from tutorial.txt into lib/*.php
2006-03-05  Michael Wallner- fix build (unknown macro)
2006-03-03  Michael Wallner- methods that return an object should throw an excepti...
2006-03-03  Michael Wallner- unroll http_message_dup()
2006-03-03  Michael Wallner- use OBJ_PROP_CE macro
2006-03-03  Michael Wallner- fix win32 build
2006-02-27  Michael Wallner- add 'range' request option
2006-02-27  Michael Wallner- ditch warnings
2006-02-25  Michael Wallner- prettify header array keys at add time so that check_...
2006-02-24  Michael Wallner- add test file
2006-02-24  Michael Wallner- add test
2006-02-24  Michael Wallner- add http_put_data() and HttpRequest::(set|get|add...
2006-02-24  Michael Wallner- fix OSX linkage
2006-02-23  Michael Wallner- release .24.1
2006-02-22  Michael Wallner- fix a mistake crept in which prevented from setting...
2006-02-21  Michael Wallner- fix bug #6861: 5 digit ports get truncated
2006-02-20  Michael Wallner- release .24
2006-02-20  Michael Wallner- need php_stream_open_wrapper_*ex* to pass a stream...
2006-02-20  Michael Wallner- add default stream context support
2006-02-18  Michael Wallner- simplify
2006-02-18  Michael Wallner- add HttpQueryString::iconv()
2006-02-17  Michael Wallner- add portrange request option
2006-02-17  Michael Wallner- fix bug #6804 - configure does not recognize --withou...
2006-02-16  Michael Wallner- add support for If-Range header
2006-02-16  Michael Wallner- fixed message chain order in HttpRequest::getHistory()
2006-02-15  Michael Wallner- really fix http_parse_cookie()
2006-02-15  Michael Wallner- release 0.23
2006-02-14  Michael Wallner- fix stupidities
2006-02-14  Michael Wallner- save some time by reversing on the message level
2006-02-14  Michael Wallner- reverse request history
2006-02-14  Michael Wallner- cosmetics
2006-02-14  Michael Wallner- reset request->_error
2006-02-14  Michael Wallner- typo
2006-02-14  Michael Wallner- fix build
2006-02-14  Michael Wallnertypo
2006-02-14  Michael Wallner- changed HttpRequest::getHistory() to return a real...
2006-02-14  Michael Wallner- add bool must_revalidate param to HttpResponse::setCa...
2006-02-13  Michael Wallner- ditch useless convert
2006-02-13  Michael Wallner- fix HttpRequest::getResponseCookies()
2006-02-11  Michael Wallner- spawn off http_cookie_api
2006-02-11  Michael Wallner- rather use a list of disallowed chars
2006-02-11  Michael Wallnerchangelog & docs
2006-02-11  Michael Wallnertypo
2006-02-11  Michael Wallner- fix 'a=b ;'
2006-02-11  Michael Wallner- add "@" to allowed token characters
2006-02-11  Michael Wallner- add more sophisticated cookie parser
2006-02-10  Michael Wallner- make http_parse_cookie() "quoted string" aware and...
2006-02-10  Michael Wallner- add 'encodecookies' request option (defaults to true...
2006-02-09  Michael Wallner- typo
2006-02-07  Michael Wallner- consistent usage of HTTP_G macro (only)
2006-02-07  Michael Wallner- use gethostname() if available in http_build_url()
2006-02-06  Michael Wallner- we actually never return by ref
2006-02-06  Michael Wallner- docs for http_build_(url|str)
2006-02-06  Michael Wallner- update docs
2006-02-06  Michael Wallnerhoppla
2006-02-06  Michael Wallnerupdate
2006-02-05  Michael Wallner- fix ssl options
2006-02-05  Michael Wallner- implement accessors to messages response status text