2014-07-09  Michael Wallnerport querystring tests
2014-07-09  Michael Wallnerunfold encoding tests
2014-07-09  Michael Wallnerunfold url tests
2014-07-09  Michael Wallnerunfold param tests
2014-07-09  Michael Wallner.gitignore
2014-07-09  Michael Wallnerfix gc issue with json post
2014-07-09  Michael Wallnerfix refcount issue with env request body
2014-07-09  Michael Wallnerfix refcount issue with message bodies
2014-07-09  Michael Wallnerfix use after free if the closure returns true
2014-07-09  Michael Wallnerfixup testsuite for new remote endpoint
2014-07-08  Michael Wallnerensure the response message is actually of type response
2014-04-24  Michael Wallner2.0.6 RELEASE_2_0_6
2014-04-24  Michael Wallnerreset the content length when the body was reset
2014-04-22  Michael Wallnerfix JSON POST handler in PHP-5.6+
2014-04-22  Michael Wallnerfix warning
2014-04-22  Michael Wallnerfix bug #67089 Segmentation fault (TSRM)
2014-04-16  Michael Wallnertest fix
2014-04-16  Michael Wallnerfix tests
2014-04-16  Michael Wallnerfix warning on extra argument to Countable::count(...
2014-04-16  Michael Wallnerfix assertion fail on zend_hash_quick_update
2014-04-16  Michael Wallnercatch "uploaded" state
2014-04-04  Michael Wallnerback to dev
2014-04-04  Michael Wallnerrelease 2.0.5 RELEASE_2_0_5
2014-01-17  Michael WallnerFix a rare crash with unitialized CURLOPT_HTTPHEADER
2014-01-17  Michael Wallnerlet the build with external libs work
2014-01-03  Michael Wallnerfix SKIPIF
2014-01-03  Michael Wallnerdev
2014-01-02  Remi ColletFix build with -Werror=format-security
2014-01-02  Michael Wallnerrelease 2.0.4 RELEASE_2_0_4
2014-01-02  Michael Wallnerbump year
2014-01-02  Michael Wallnerfix bug #66388 (Crash on POST with Content-Length:0...
2013-12-10  Michael Wallnerremove pecl/event conflict
2013-12-10  Michael Wallnerfix typo; wtf? RELEASE_2_0_3
2013-12-10  Michael Wallnerfix description RELEASE_2_0_2
2013-12-10  Michael WallnerFixed bug #66250 (shutdown crash as shared extension)
2013-11-26  Michael Wallnerrelease 2.0.1 RELEASE_2_0_1
2013-11-26  Michael Wallnerfix ws
2013-11-25  Michael Wallnerfixed a bug with multiple ob_start() on http\Env\Respon...
2013-11-23  Anatoliy Belskyfixed some tests for windows
2013-11-23  Anatoliy Belskyfixed event2 headers inclusion once more
2013-11-23  Anatoliy Belskyfixed ZTS
2013-11-23  Anatoliy Belskyfix headers again, avoid header clashing including...
2013-11-22  Anatoliy Belskyadded missing header in order struct event could be...
2013-11-22  Michael Wallnerattempt to fix windows build
2013-11-22  Michael Wallner2.0.0 stable
2013-11-22  Michael Wallnerfix tests with short_open_tags off
2013-11-21  Michael Wallnerlet DEV_2 be trunk
2013-06-20  Michael Wallnerrelease 1.7.6
2013-04-22  Remi Colletfix php 5.4 build
2013-03-08  Michael Wallnerfix bug #64380 (http_message_object.c build fails in...
2013-03-03  Michael Wallnerrelease 1.7.5
2013-03-02  Michael Wallner* Fixed Bug #64310 (weak etags W/"abc" are quoted as...
2012-04-02  Michael Wallnerfix bug #61372 (undefined symbol: Z_ADDREF_P - possibly...
2012-03-08  Michael Wallner* Fixed Bug #61310: Bundled pecl_http-1.7.2.tgz is...
2012-02-21  Michael Wallnerprepare 1.7.2 release
2012-02-21  Michael Wallnerallow underscores in methods
2012-02-21  Michael Wallnerfix http_get_request_body_stream() the same way like...
2012-02-21  Michael Wallnerfix tests
2012-02-17  Michael Wallnerhack PHP_5_4 compatibility into v1
2011-06-10  Felipe Pena- Fixed output stuff
2011-06-10  Felipe Pena- Fixed build with 5.4+
2011-05-22  David Soria... Properly pass TSRMLS to php_ob_handler_used
2011-05-05  Michael WallnerFixed Bug #17896 Make failed
2011-05-05  Michael Wallnerrealease 1.7.1
2011-05-05  Michael WallnerFix Bug #17806 Segmentation fault when passing invalid...
2011-04-18  Rob Richardsfix hang in SAPI deactivate when body is 4096 bytes...
2011-03-25  Michael Wallnerfix error in http_get_request_body spottet by rob
2011-03-24  Michael Wallnerfix http_exit_ex when zlib output compression is active
2011-03-24  Michael Wallnerfix logic error in HttpMessage::setResponseStatus
2010-11-22  Ilia AlshanetskyFixed double-free when auto-decompressing pages
2010-10-26  Ilia AlshanetskyFixed a bug when the status component of the HTTP respo...
2010-06-09  Michael Wallnersilly mistake
2010-06-09  Michael Wallner* Added generic http_negotiate() function (FR#17338)
2010-06-09  Michael Wallner* revert incomplete trunk-compatibility-patch
2010-06-05  Felipe Pena- Fix crash with non string property
2010-06-04  Felipe Pena- Fixed build on php-trunk
2010-05-03  Michael Wallnerahem
2010-05-03  Michael Wallnerattempt to fix trunk build
2010-04-28  Michael Wallnerfix memleak
2010-04-28  Michael Wallnerfixed bug #16893 Content not decoded with zlib support...
2010-04-28  Michael Wallnerfxed bug #17169 wrong return value of HttpMessage:...
2010-04-27  Michael Wallnerfixed bug #17087 http_build_cookie() exhausts memory...
2010-04-26  Michael Wallnerfix TS build, thanks Felipe
2010-04-26  Michael Wallneruse heap instead of stack
2010-04-26  Michael Wallnerdon't limit header length to 1k
2010-04-26  Michael Wallnerfix access og HttpMessage properties
2010-01-05  Michael Wallnerfix doublefree with certinfo
2009-12-31  Michael Wallneryear bump
2009-12-30  Michael Wallnerallow setting of the message class used by HttpRequest
2009-12-30  Michael Wallner* attempt to fix pecl Bug #16826 http_date strange...
2009-12-30  Michael Wallner* attempt to fix pecl Bug #16826 http_date strange...
2009-12-30  Felipe Pena- Fixed memory leak when HttpUtil::Inflate() fails
2009-12-30  Felipe Pena- Fixed ZTS build
2009-12-30  Michael Wallneradd curlCode property to HttpRequestException
2009-12-30  Michael Wallnerfacilitate zend_exception_set_previous() of PHP 5.3
2009-12-29  Michael Wallnerreleae 1.7.0b2
2009-12-29  Michael Wallnermore typos
2009-12-29  Michael WallnerJFC
2009-12-29  Michael WallnerMFPHP: choke on Z_OK if we expect Z_STREAM_END
2009-12-29  Michael Wallnernote libcurls inability to reset (proxy) auth information