2005-11-26  Michael Wallner- release 0.19.0
2005-11-26  Michael Wallnerupdated changelog and reworded package description
2005-11-26  Michael Wallner- ad verbosity about checking for ext/hash and avoid...
2005-11-23  Marcus Boerger- Fix build
2005-11-22  Michael Wallner- module/includes cleanup
2005-11-22  Michael Wallner- ws
2005-11-22  Michael Wallner- ext/hash detection
2005-11-21  Michael Wallner- typos
2005-11-21  Michael Wallner- drop mhash support
2005-11-19  Michael Wallner- aliases for HttpUtil
2005-11-19  Michael Wallner- add http_negotiate_content_type()
2005-11-19  Michael Wallner- fix phpinfo()
2005-11-19  Michael Wallner- add preliminary ext/hash support (currently only...
2005-11-19  Michael Wallner- tests fixup
2005-11-17  Michael Wallner-fix Countable not available in WONKY
2005-11-16  Michael Wallner- fix PHP4 build
2005-11-16  Michael Wallner- use right version
2005-11-16  Michael Wallner- release 0.18.0
2005-11-16  Michael Wallner- "=" should actually be ":" in the Content-Range header
2005-11-15  Michael Wallnergcc -W parameter cleanup
2005-11-15  Michael Wallner- ditch some warnings
2005-11-14  Michael Wallner- pmem aware phpstr
2005-11-14  Michael Wallner- remove debug statement
2005-11-14  Michael Wallner- fix endless loop with bad input
2005-11-12  Michael Wallner- fix occurrence of PHPSTR_LEN(x) = 0;
2005-11-11  Michael Wallner- sanitize stream filter
2005-11-11  Michael Wallner- poor stream filter for chunked encoding
2005-11-10  Michael Wallner- make request_exec() always succeed (picky curl)
2005-11-10  Michael Wallner- remove example scripts, as those can be extracted...
2005-11-10  Michael Wallner- fix write access of HttpMessage properties
2005-11-09  Michael Wallner- fix dep on SPL in PHP-5.1
2005-11-09  Michael Wallner- use zend_hash_find() instead of FOREACH in http_match...
2005-11-09  Michael Wallner* Fixed a bug which required "=" in Content-Range respo...
2005-11-09  Michael Wallner- http_get_request_headers() modified $_SERVER array...
2005-11-09  Michael Wallner- use %zu for size_t
2005-11-09  Michael Wallner- SPL doesn't install its headers
2005-11-08  Michael Wallnermore tweaks
2005-11-08  Michael Wallnerws
2005-11-08  Michael Wallnerinstall tweaks
2005-11-08  Michael Wallner- added INI setting http.force_exit which can be used...
2005-11-08  Michael Wallner- FOREACH macros now require a HashPosition argument
2005-11-08  Michael Wallner- honor other REGISTER_CLASS macros too
2005-11-08  Michael Wallner- initialize class entries, or else the ZE will try...
2005-11-08  Michael Wallner- ensure detaching the request from the handles list...
2005-11-07  Michael Wallner- toggle debugging flag
2005-11-07  Michael Wallner- due to the aggressive object deallocation the request...
2005-11-07  Michael Wallner- Countable also requires PHP-5.1+
2005-11-07  Michael Wallner- changelog
2005-11-07  Michael Wallner- class HttpRequestPool implements Countable
2005-11-07  Michael Wallner- some notes about user space objects
2005-11-07  Michael Wallner- don't addref on returned objects that only exist...
2005-11-07  Michael Wallner- ws
2005-11-04  Michael Wallner- fix php4 build
2005-11-04  Michael Wallner- update for release 0.17.0
2005-11-02  Michael Wallner- ditch leak
2005-11-02  Michael Wallner- ensure proper message deallocation
2005-11-02  Michael Wallner- typo
2005-11-02  Michael Wallner- extend & fixup test suite
2005-11-01  Michael Wallner- fix build on win32; linkler flag /FORCE:MULTIPLE...
2005-11-01  Michael Wallner- own, simpler hash urlencoder
2005-10-29  Michael Wallner- fix tests
2005-10-28  Michael Wallner- no HttpMessage property access by reference
2005-10-28  Michael Wallner- fix access to variables if HttpMessage is extended
2005-10-28  Michael Wallner- don't make these zvals references
2005-10-28  Michael Wallner- all those handlers->add_ref(zobject) would prevent...
2005-10-28  Michael Wallner- fix request errors hidden under the hood of the reque...
2005-10-27  Michael Wallner- do not naivly trust headers about content length
2005-10-26  Michael Wallner- errenous function declarations
2005-10-26  Michael Wallner- no history logging by default
2005-10-26  Michael Wallner- fix parsing chunked encoded messages with odd spaces...
2005-10-26  Michael Wallner- fix parsing messages with an header that contains...
2005-10-25  Michael Wallner- clone() support for HttpRequest
2005-10-24  Michael Wallner- fix shared build witin the php src tree
2005-10-24  Michael Wallner- relicense with a BSD style license
2005-10-21  Michael Wallneroh dammit
2005-10-21  Michael Wallner- start thinking about cloning
2005-10-21  Michael Wallner- bad pointer arithmetics
2005-10-21  Michael Wallner- proper location of the HTTP_NEED_SSL_TSL macro
2005-10-21  Michael Wallner- eliminate warinings in encoding api
2005-10-20  Michael Wallner- http_support() claimed there's no SSL support ifndef ZTS
2005-10-19  Michael Wallner- release 0.16
2005-10-19  Michael Wallner- better example/approach of using the protected HttpRe...
2005-10-18  Michael Wallner- use object_handlers->add_ref()
2005-10-18  Michael Wallner- add HttpRequestPool::getFinishedRequests(), so now...
2005-10-17  Michael Wallner- encodings support exists with ext/zlib too
2005-10-17  Michael Wallner- fix issues ifndef HTTP_HAVE_CURL
2005-10-17  Michael Wallner- fixed issues ifndef HTTP_HAVE_ZLIB and enable gzipped...
2005-10-17  Michael Wallner- ditch the 1 byte leak
2005-10-17  Michael Wallner- fix remaining issues; there's still a 1-byte memleak...
2005-10-17  Michael Wallner- fix previous commit and adjust tests
2005-10-17  Michael Wallner- gzip responses
2005-10-14  Michael Wallner- allow negative time offsets
2005-10-14  Michael Wallner- don't destruct the zval right after construction...
2005-10-14  Michael Wallner- unset in http_curl_defaults() too
2005-10-14  Michael Wallner- unset the time condition option in curl properly...
2005-10-13  Michael Wallner- http_globals.gzip_encoding needs to be sort of a...
2005-10-13  Michael Wallner- independency from ext/zlib
2005-10-12  Michael Wallner- don't try to allocate negative size
2005-10-12  Michael Wallner- fix bitmask checking
2005-10-12  Michael Wallner- add gzip header verification