2005-04-11  Michael Wallner- a header may have an array of values
2005-04-11  Michael Wallner- typo
2005-04-11  Michael Wallner- simplify
2005-04-11  Michael Wallner- missing includes
2005-04-10  Michael Wallner* more modular file structure
2005-04-10  Michael Wallner- error workaround
2005-03-24  Michael Wallner* update
2005-03-24  Michael Wallner* check initial length of arg_separator
2005-03-24  Michael Wallner* satisfy gcc
2005-03-24  Michael Wallner* update version info
2005-03-24  Michael Wallner* fix compiler warning
2005-03-24  Michael Wallner* renamed HttpRequest::addHeader() to ::addHeaders...
2005-03-24  Michael Wallner* added arg_sep param ot http_build_query()
2005-03-24  Michael Wallner* added http_parse_cookie()
2005-03-23  Michael Wallner- send full entity if range is "0-"
2005-03-23  Michael Wallner- added SSL options
2005-03-23  Michael Wallner- improved range checking
2005-03-22  Michael Wallner- class renamed from HTTPi to Http
2005-03-22  Michael Wallner- use size_t and return 0 on fail
2005-03-22  Michael Wallner- updating docs
2005-03-22  Michael Wallner* that should do the trick
2005-03-22  Michael Wallner* move include to top
2005-03-21  Michael Wallner* we're not in ext on the snaps box
2005-03-21  Michael Wallner* try the direct way
2005-03-21  Michael Wallner* fixing concept of phpstr dtor/free
2005-03-20  Michael Wallner* use phpstr
2005-03-20  Michael Wallner* renamed classes
2005-03-20  Michael Wallner*build files
2005-03-20  Michael Wallner* add phpstr
2005-03-20  Michael Wallner* signature fixes
2005-03-20  Michael Wallner* typo
2005-03-20  Michael Wallner* rename classes according CS
2005-03-18  Michael Wallner* allow curl use zends memory functions (just to check...
2005-03-18  Michael Wallner* curl_easy_strerror() is available as of 7.12.0
2005-03-18  Michael Wallner* fix memleak
2005-03-18  Michael Wallner* improve http_send() and http_negotiate_q() code
2005-03-18  Michael Wallner* zval_add_ref() expects zval **
2005-03-17  Michael Wallner* added HTTPi_Request::unsetOptions(), HTTPi_Request...
2005-03-15  Michael Wallner* fixed/improved ranges support
2005-03-15  Michael Wallner* dep files
2005-03-15  Michael Wallner* renaming tests
2005-03-10  Michael Wallner* nicer MINFO
2005-03-10  Michael Wallner* ditch warnings
2005-03-10  Michael Wallner* attempt to be smarter than windows ;)
2005-03-09  Michael Wallner* fix layout
2005-03-09  Michael Wallner* pre-include winsock2.h
2005-03-09  Michael Wallner* complete - commented - webdav request methods
2005-03-09  Michael Wallner* cpp stuff
2005-03-09  Michael Wallner* add webdav request methods to standard allowed methods
2005-03-09  Michael Wallner* I always forget to update that...
2005-03-07  Michael Wallner* docs
2005-03-07  Michael Wallner* docs
2005-03-07  Michael Wallner* 0.6.1
2005-03-07  Michael Wallner* probably fixing getservby*() usage
2005-03-07  Michael Wallner* use version info in <package> tag
2005-03-07  Michael Wallner* run tests on linux - flushing changes
2005-03-06  Michael Wallner* fix http_split_response[_ex]()
2005-03-06  Michael Wallner* added HTTPi_Request::getResponseCode()
2005-03-06  Michael Wallner* excluding getservby*() in PHP4 (??)
2005-03-06  Michael Wallner* tiny API adjustments
2005-03-05  Michael Wallner* much smarter & enhanced absolute_uri() using parse_url()
2005-03-05  Michael Wallner* medthod docs
2005-03-04  Michael Wallner* bump
2005-03-04  Michael Wallner* fix header ids
2005-03-04  Michael Wallner* release 0.6.0
2005-03-03  Michael Wallner* use curl's error messages
2005-03-03  Michael Wallner* reset the curl handle if curl_easy_reset() is available
2005-03-03  Michael Wallner* reordering things for curl info and options a bit...
2005-03-03  Michael Wallner* ditch some inline functions and replace them with...
2005-02-26  Michael Wallner* fix EOF
2005-02-25  Michael Wallner* melt http_api down
2005-02-25  Michael Wallner* ditch warnings
2005-02-25  Michael Wallner* unused vars
2005-02-25  Michael Wallner* add std defs header
2005-02-25  Michael Wallner* moved defines into php_http_std_defs.h
2005-02-24  Michael Wallner* don't enable compression by default
2005-02-24  Michael Wallner* not curl but I behaved weird
2005-02-24  Michael Wallner* strlen("") => sizeof("")-1
2005-02-24  Michael Wallner* prevent inclusion of winsock.h
2005-02-23  Michael Wallner* add src files
2005-02-23  Michael Wallner* missed http_curl_api.c
2005-02-23  Michael Wallner* ditch warning
2005-02-23  Michael Wallner* un-hack curl info name duplication
2005-02-23  Michael Wallner* fix memory-leaks/pre-use-frees
2005-02-23  Michael Wallner* split into more reasonable modules
2005-02-22  Michael Wallner* weird, weird
2005-02-22  Michael Wallner* added POST support to HTTPi_Request
2005-02-22  Michael Wallner* release 0.5.1
2005-02-22  Michael Wallner* ditch mem-leak
2005-02-22  Michael Wallner* avoid warning
2005-02-22  Michael Wallner* no need to wrap around zend_objects_destroy_object()
2005-02-22  Michael Wallner* more compatibility
2005-02-22  Michael Wallner* do the dtor dance the right way
2005-02-22  Michael Wallner* more version checks
2005-02-22  Marcus Boerger- Call __destruct
2005-02-22  Michael Wallner* compatibility with older libcurl versions, take 2
2005-02-22  Marcus Boerger- Compatibility with older libcurl
2005-02-22  Michael Wallner* typos/ws
2005-02-21  Michael Wallner* remove obsolete include
2005-02-21  Michael Wallner* fixed typo