2010-06-04  Felipe Pena- Fixed build on php-trunk
2010-05-03  Michael Wallnerahem
2010-05-03  Michael Wallnerattempt to fix trunk build
2010-04-28  Michael Wallnerfix memleak
2010-04-28  Michael Wallnerfixed bug #16893 Content not decoded with zlib support...
2010-04-28  Michael Wallnerfxed bug #17169 wrong return value of HttpMessage:...
2010-04-27  Michael Wallnerfixed bug #17087 http_build_cookie() exhausts memory...
2010-04-26  Michael Wallnerfix TS build, thanks Felipe
2010-04-26  Michael Wallneruse heap instead of stack
2010-04-26  Michael Wallnerdon't limit header length to 1k
2010-04-26  Michael Wallnerfix access og HttpMessage properties
2010-01-05  Michael Wallnerfix doublefree with certinfo
2009-12-31  Michael Wallneryear bump
2009-12-30  Michael Wallnerallow setting of the message class used by HttpRequest
2009-12-30  Michael Wallner* attempt to fix pecl Bug #16826 http_date strange...
2009-12-30  Michael Wallner* attempt to fix pecl Bug #16826 http_date strange...
2009-12-30  Felipe Pena- Fixed memory leak when HttpUtil::Inflate() fails
2009-12-30  Felipe Pena- Fixed ZTS build
2009-12-30  Michael Wallneradd curlCode property to HttpRequestException
2009-12-30  Michael Wallnerfacilitate zend_exception_set_previous() of PHP 5.3
2009-12-29  Michael Wallnerreleae 1.7.0b2
2009-12-29  Michael Wallnermore typos
2009-12-29  Michael WallnerJFC
2009-12-29  Michael WallnerMFPHP: choke on Z_OK if we expect Z_STREAM_END
2009-12-29  Michael Wallnernote libcurls inability to reset (proxy) auth information
2009-12-29  Michael Wallnerfix tests
2009-12-29  Michael Wallnerdon't enable curls cookie engine by default & accident
2009-11-27  Pierre Joye- PECL #16803, fix NTS build with vc6
2009-11-05  Pierre Joye- update to package.xml v2
2009-10-17  Felipe Pena- Fix memory leak
2009-10-17  Felipe Pena- Fix build
2009-10-08  Michael Wallner* fix pecl bug #16533 (http_redirect fails with url...
2009-09-25  Michael Wallnerfix bug with request_pool+libevent+add-requests-while...
2009-09-02  Pierre Joye- make it work with 5.3+ libs
2009-09-02  Michael WallnerFixed pecl bug #16817 (Proxy-Auth. and WWW-Auth. creden...
2009-08-21  Michael Wallnerfix caching bug, thankt to rrichards
2009-08-20  Michael Wallnerfixed pecl bug #14382 PHP crash after casting...
2009-08-20  Michael Wallnerfix type
2009-07-31  Michael Wallnerpackage.xml updates
2009-07-31  Michael Wallneradd some more hacks
2009-07-31  Michael WallnerAdded postredir request options constants
2009-07-31  Michael WallnerMFB: fix http_get_request_body[_stream]() with FastCGI...
2009-07-22  Michael Wallner* Added request options:
2009-07-22  Michael Wallnerfix bug #16700
2009-07-13  Gwynne Raskindfix a huge number of wrong MIME types. UGH.
2009-06-12  Michael WallnerMFB
2009-03-18  Michael Wallnerwhat a bloddy piece of code
2009-03-18  Michael Wallnerbetter fix for robs issue
2009-03-17  Michael Wallneradd test file to package.xml
2009-03-17  Michael Wallnerfix HttpMessage::toMessageTypeObject()
2009-03-10  Michael Wallnerfix php4 build
2009-02-16  Michael Wallnerback to dev
2009-02-16  Michael Wallnerrelease 1.7.0b1
2009-02-16  Michael Wallner* Implement Request #15775 (recursive http_request_body...
2009-02-12  Michael WallnerMFB: Fixed Bug #15813 Requests not removed from...
2009-02-12  Michael WallnerFixed bug #15800
2009-01-13  Michael Wallnerfix Bug #15509 HttpMessage::rewind memory leaks
2009-01-12  Michael Wallnerfix bug#15499 HttpRequest::addHeaders segfaults when...
2009-01-12  Michael Wallnerfix Bug #15497 HttpInflateStream::finish segfaults...
2009-01-12  Michael Wallner fix bug#15495 HttpMessage::setHttpVersion segfault
2008-12-12  Michael Wallnerfix certinfo
2008-12-11  Michael Wallneradd new proxy constants to HttpRequest, too
2008-12-11  Michael Wallner* Added request options:
2008-12-05  Michael Wallner* start 1.7.0-dev
2008-12-05  Michael Wallnerrelease 1.6.2
2008-12-05  Michael Wallnerupdate package.xml
2008-12-05  Michael Wallneradd test & prepare release
2008-12-05  Michael WallnerBFN
2008-12-05  Michael Wallnerjesus, set a reasonable version
2008-12-05  Michael Wallnerfix bug #15223 (http_parse_message cust off more than...
2008-11-21  Michael Wallnerfixed another new 5_3 incompatibility (bug #15065)
2008-10-20  Michael Wallner* fix bug#14826 (Race condition in http_request_dtor)
2008-09-24  Michael WallnerPHP-5.3 zend_hash API compatibility fix
2008-09-24  Michael Wallnerreinitilaize http message prior throwing error
2008-08-15  Michael Wallnerfix memory curruption, thanks to Rob
2008-08-08  Antony Dovgalifdef unused variables
2008-08-05  Michael Wallnerfix 5.3 build once again
2008-07-27  Michael Wallnerfix MSVC >6 warnings and errors
2008-07-24  Michael Wallnerdisable build with libmagic
2008-07-23  Michael Wallnerrelease 1.6.1
2008-07-12  Michael Wallner* Fixed bug #14168 (st->errorbuffer not cleared between...
2008-07-11  Michael Wallnerfix bug #14218 Class' extending HttpMessage properties...
2008-07-01  Antony Dovgalint -> long
2008-05-15  Michael Wallnerfix tests
2008-04-03  Michael Wallnerfix segv with invalid url
2008-04-03  Michael Wallner fix segtv with 5_3
2008-03-31  Steph Fox- Bring the majority of PECL extensions into line with...
2008-03-12  Michael Wallnerno more PG(error_handling) in PHP-5.3
2008-02-08  Michael Wallner5.3->5.2.5
2008-02-07  Michael Wallnerfix gc issues
2008-02-07  Michael Wallnerupgrade test suite to 5.3
2008-02-04  Michael Wallnerfix PHP_5_3 build
2007-11-26  Michael Wallnerstability "stable"
2007-11-26  Michael Wallnerprepare release 1.6.0
2007-10-05  Michael Wallner- release 1.6.0RC1
2007-10-05  Michael Wallner- remove unnecessary separation crud
2007-10-05  Michael Wallner- add HttpRequest::flushCookies() (libcurl>=7.17.1)
2007-10-03  Michael Wallner- provide persistent storage for things curl might...
2007-10-03  Michael Wallner- fix SEGV on prematurely called HttpMessage::next()
2007-09-28  Michael Wallner- add missing PHP closing tag