2005-02-23  Michael Wallner* split into more reasonable modules
2005-02-22  Michael Wallner* weird, weird
2005-02-22  Michael Wallner* added POST support to HTTPi_Request
2005-02-22  Michael Wallner* release 0.5.1
2005-02-22  Michael Wallner* ditch mem-leak
2005-02-22  Michael Wallner* avoid warning
2005-02-22  Michael Wallner* no need to wrap around zend_objects_destroy_object()
2005-02-22  Michael Wallner* more compatibility
2005-02-22  Michael Wallner* do the dtor dance the right way
2005-02-22  Michael Wallner* more version checks
2005-02-22  Marcus Boerger- Call __destruct
2005-02-22  Michael Wallner* compatibility with older libcurl versions, take 2
2005-02-22  Marcus Boerger- Compatibility with older libcurl
2005-02-22  Michael Wallner* typos/ws
2005-02-21  Michael Wallner* remove obsolete include
2005-02-21  Michael Wallner* fixed typo
2005-02-21  Michael Wallner* curlbuf struct isn't needed any where else and breaks...
2005-02-19  Michael Wallner* release 0.5.0
2005-02-19  Michael Wallner* fixed a LOAD of mem-leaks
2005-02-18  Michael Wallner* added HTTPi_Request::getResponseInfo(), ::setOptions...
2005-02-18  Michael Wallner* filestat fixes
2005-02-18  Michael Wallner* HTTPi_Request prototype
2005-02-18  Michael Wallner* hopefully satisfying snaps.php.net
2005-02-18  Michael Wallner* update
2005-02-18  Michael Wallner* simplify HTTPi_Response::send() a lot
2005-02-17  Michael Wallner* fixed some memleaks
2005-02-17  Michael Wallner* HTTPi_Response mostly done
2005-02-17  Michael Wallner* hoppala
2005-02-17  Michael Wallner* preparations for the OO interface
2005-02-16  Michael Wallner* sanitize ob_httpetaghandler
2005-02-16  Michael Wallner* use 4k cs
2005-02-16  Michael Wallner* don't restart "default output handler"
2005-02-16  Michael Wallner* fix fatal erealloc error
2005-02-16  Michael Wallner* added ob_httpetaghandler() (has major limitations...
2005-02-16  Michael Wallner* release 0.4.0
2005-02-15  Michael Wallner* add winmm.lib for timeGetTime
2005-02-15  Michael Wallner* add zlib
2005-02-14  Michael Wallner* add ssl libs
2005-02-14  Michael Wallner* add wsock32.lib
2005-02-14  Michael Wallner* keep winsock crap outta door
2005-02-14  Michael Wallner* ms cc chokes on that
2005-02-13  Michael Wallner* fix etag caching
2005-02-13  Michael Wallner* fix etag caching
2005-02-13  Michael Wallner* adding tests
2005-02-13  Michael Wallner* -dev version
2005-02-11  Michael Wallner* cosmetics
2005-02-11  Michael Wallner* we should just send the full entity if the range...
2005-02-11  Michael Wallner* separate http_check_allowed_methods()
2005-02-11  Michael Wallner* we must send an allow header
2005-02-11  Michael Wallner* added http.allowed_methods ini entry
2005-02-11  Michael Wallner* add defines too
2005-02-11  Michael Wallner* php_http.dll successfully built for php4 and working...
2005-02-11  Michael Wallner* added http_get_request_headers()
2005-02-11  Michael Wallner* failproof http_parse_headers()
2005-02-11  Edin KadribasicFix win32 compile on php4
2005-02-11  Michael Wallner* http_auth_header() should return the status of http_s...
2005-02-11  Michael Wallner* http_auth_header() should return the status of http_s...
2005-02-11  Michael Wallner* proper cpp indention
2005-02-11  Edin KadribasicAdded .cvsignore
2005-02-11  Michael Wallner* attempt to fix php4 ref handling
2005-02-11  Michael Wallner* force ref for $info in http_request functions
2005-02-10  Michael Wallner* version bump
2005-02-10  Michael Wallner* some basic docs
2005-02-10  Michael Wallner* release 0.3.0
2005-02-10  Michael Wallner* http_send_ranges() cosmetics
2005-02-10  Michael Wallner* rename http_parse_header to http_parse_headers
2005-02-09  Michael Wallner* update
2005-02-09  Michael Wallner* separate http_parse_header() function (doesn't suppor...
2005-02-09  Michael Wallner* typo
2005-02-09  Michael Wallner* attempt to make http_build_query available for PHP4
2005-02-09  Michael Wallner* MFB
2005-02-09  Michael Wallner* fix PHP4 build
2005-02-09  Michael Wallner* removed debug statements
2005-02-09  Michael Wallner* attempt to fix snap-build
2005-02-09  Michael Wallner* attempt yet again to fix php4 snaps build
2005-02-09  Michael Wallner* move includes around
2005-02-08  Michael Wallner* fixing PHP5 snap build
2005-02-08  Michael Wallner* fixing PHP5 snap build
2005-02-08  Michael Wallner* typos
2005-02-08  Michael Wallner# this LF issue is going to drive me nuts
2005-02-08  Michael Wallner* fixed http_cache_last_modified(): if parameter was...
2005-02-08  Michael Wallner* use \r\n
2005-02-07  Michael Wallner* more intuitive support for headers and cookies (assoc...
2005-02-07  Michael Wallner* another try
2005-02-07  Michael Wallner* hopefully fixing the ap_php_snprintf() issue
2005-02-05  Michael Wallner* php 4!
2005-02-05  Michael Wallner* probably fixing the PHP4 build issue (mostly took...
2005-02-04  Michael Wallner* dsp is needed too
2005-02-04  Michael Wallner* add to pecl
2005-02-04  SVN MigrationStandard project directories initialized by cvs2svn.