2006-02-05  Michael Wallner- solve that another way
2006-02-05  Michael Wallner- fix win32 build, really, for now
2006-02-04  Michael Wallner- attempt to fix win32 build; not sure, though, if...
2006-02-03  Michael Wallner- fix win32 build
2006-02-03  Michael Wallner- prepare v.22 release
2006-02-03  Michael Wallner- fix endless loop in http_build_url() with urls like...
2006-02-02  Michael Wallner- fix ::set() arginfo
2006-01-31  Michael Wallnerupdate
2006-01-31  Michael Wallner- fix bug #6645: doesn't compile with zlib 1.2.2 (undef...
2006-01-30  Michael Wallnerupdate
2006-01-30  Michael Wallner- remove HttpQueryString::del() and ::mod() can be...
2006-01-30  Michael Wallnerupdate docs
2006-01-30  Michael Wallnerws
2006-01-30  Michael Wallner- add accessors by type
2006-01-30  Michael Wallnerws
2006-01-30  Michael Wallner- make sure queryArray is actually an array
2006-01-30  Michael Wallner- fix some typos
2006-01-27  Michael Wallner- fix win32 build
2006-01-27  Michael Wallner- add/update tests
2006-01-27  Michael Wallner- add flag parameter to http_build_url(); slightly...
2006-01-27  Michael Wallner- ws
2006-01-27  Michael WallnerMF-curl: problems with other libraries setting ssl...
2006-01-20  Michael Wallneradd addref param to RETURN_OBJVAL() etc
2006-01-20  Michael Wallnerchangelog
2006-01-20  Michael Wallner- add HttpMessage::toMessageTypeObject()
2006-01-19  Michael Wallner- fix ce
2006-01-19  Michael Wallnerclass has to extend HttpMessage
2006-01-19  Michael Wallner- honor class of the current object
2006-01-19  Michael Wallner- add internal http_message_set_info()
2006-01-19  Michael Wallnerimprove default settings for configure
2006-01-19  Michael Wallner- some housekeeping
2006-01-19  Michael Wallnermove (re)setting of request methods to http_request_def...
2006-01-13  Michael Wallner- reset CURLOPT_CUSTOMREQUEST at the correct places
2006-01-13  Ilia AlshanetskyDon't forget to reset CUSTOMREQUEST on method change...
2006-01-11  Michael Wallner- fix http_get_request_body()
2006-01-10  Michael Wallner- use http_get_request_body() on the server side
2006-01-10  Michael Wallner- nuke lots of warnings by removing useless calls to...
2006-01-10  Michael Wallner- enable zlib by default
2006-01-08  Michael Wallner- version bump
2006-01-07  Michael Wallner- improve http_redirect()
2006-01-07  Michael Wallner- clarify http_curl_init(), it cannot be used with...
2006-01-07  Ilia AlshanetskyDon't send user-agent if the user sets it to NULL or ''
2006-01-07  Michael Wallner- initialize opts zval ptr to NULL as it's an optional...
2006-01-07  Michael Wallner- avoid "Content-Length: 0" header on custom requests
2006-01-07  Michael Wallner- don't bail out on allocated but empty request body
2006-01-07  Michael Wallner- fix cloning if there's no curl handle yet
2006-01-07  Michael Wallner- create a request body only if there's something to...
2006-01-07  Michael Wallner- set curl options that won't change only at initializa...
2006-01-06  Michael Wallner- PHP4 always sends 302 on redirects
2006-01-06  Michael Wallner- http_request_defaults() already takes care of resetti...
2006-01-06  Ilia AlshanetskySet options to NULL if no value is provided, this preve...
2006-01-06  Ilia AlshanetskyAdded "protocol" option that allows changing of the...
2006-01-06  Michael Wallner- zlib's compress has nothing to do with *nix compress
2006-01-06  Michael WallnerMF-curl: unknown constant GCRY_THREAD_OPTIONS_USER
2006-01-03  Michael Wallner- prepare release 0.21.0
2006-01-02  Michael Wallner- CURLOPT_COOKIELIST requires 7.14.1 not 7.15.x
2006-01-02  Michael Wallner- add note about deflate/inflate
2006-01-02  Michael Wallner- happy new year
2005-12-31  Michael Wallner- cleanup property access macros arguments
2005-12-31  Michael Wallner- fix access of private properties
2005-12-30  Michael Wallner- s/uri/url/gi
2005-12-30  Michael Wallner- add another stream filter test
2005-12-30  Michael Wallner- allow to disable zlib support
2005-12-30  Michael Wallner- finish work on encoding api
2005-12-29  Michael Wallner- no fatal ereallocs please
2005-12-29  Michael Wallner- another typo
2005-12-29  Michael Wallner- typos
2005-12-29  Michael Wallner- PHP only reads the request body if the request method...
2005-12-29  Michael Wallner- no need to check for COMPILE_DL_SESSION
2005-12-29  Michael Wallner- revised request_method api
2005-12-28  Michael Wallner- add test
2005-12-28  Michael Wallner- fix put requests
2005-12-28  Michael Wallner- fix crash with custom content-type when no other...
2005-12-28  Michael Wallner- return zvals directly and don'T assume a type
2005-12-28  Michael Wallner- hopefully some more appropriate fixes for the zval...
2005-12-27  Michael Wallner- add missing constants to HttpDeflateStream
2005-12-27  Michael Wallner- update package
2005-12-27  Michael Wallner- of course, return false if parameter parsing fails
2005-12-27  Michael Wallner- add flush() to HttpDeflateStream and HttpInflateStream
2005-12-26  Michael Wallner- ws
2005-12-26  Michael Wallner- add HttpDeflateStream and HttpInflateStream objects
2005-12-26  Michael Wallner- avoid NULL urls
2005-12-26  Michael Wallner- fix build
2005-12-26  Michael Wallner- fix build
2005-12-26  Michael Wallner- ws
2005-12-26  Michael Wallner- fix flags mask
2005-12-26  Michael Wallner- add ob_(deflate|inflate)handler
2005-12-23  Michael Wallner- gcc didn't like those changes
2005-12-23  Michael Wallner- add phpstr_shrink()
2005-12-23  Michael Wallner- require libz >=
2005-12-22  Michael Wallner- add flush() to encoding stream (filters)
2005-12-22  Ilia AlshanetskyAllow cookie array to contain multiple dimensions and...
2005-12-22  Michael Wallner- fix leak with post files
2005-12-22  Michael Wallner- fix resetting post fields
2005-12-22  Michael Wallner- fix addRawPostData corruption
2005-12-22  Michael Wallner- separation of the postFields array
2005-12-22  Michael Wallner- typo
2005-12-22  Michael Wallner- here goes the same with cookies
2005-12-22  Michael Wallner- create another copy of the header zval
2005-12-22  Michael Wallner- cleanup