2005-12-30  Michael Wallner- finish work on encoding api
2005-12-29  Michael Wallner- no fatal ereallocs please
2005-12-29  Michael Wallner- another typo
2005-12-29  Michael Wallner- typos
2005-12-29  Michael Wallner- PHP only reads the request body if the request method...
2005-12-29  Michael Wallner- no need to check for COMPILE_DL_SESSION
2005-12-29  Michael Wallner- revised request_method api
2005-12-28  Michael Wallner- add test
2005-12-28  Michael Wallner- fix put requests
2005-12-28  Michael Wallner- fix crash with custom content-type when no other...
2005-12-28  Michael Wallner- return zvals directly and don'T assume a type
2005-12-28  Michael Wallner- hopefully some more appropriate fixes for the zval...
2005-12-27  Michael Wallner- add missing constants to HttpDeflateStream
2005-12-27  Michael Wallner- update package
2005-12-27  Michael Wallner- of course, return false if parameter parsing fails
2005-12-27  Michael Wallner- add flush() to HttpDeflateStream and HttpInflateStream
2005-12-26  Michael Wallner- ws
2005-12-26  Michael Wallner- add HttpDeflateStream and HttpInflateStream objects
2005-12-26  Michael Wallner- avoid NULL urls
2005-12-26  Michael Wallner- fix build
2005-12-26  Michael Wallner- fix build
2005-12-26  Michael Wallner- ws
2005-12-26  Michael Wallner- fix flags mask
2005-12-26  Michael Wallner- add ob_(deflate|inflate)handler
2005-12-23  Michael Wallner- gcc didn't like those changes
2005-12-23  Michael Wallner- add phpstr_shrink()
2005-12-23  Michael Wallner- require libz >=
2005-12-22  Michael Wallner- add flush() to encoding stream (filters)
2005-12-22  Ilia AlshanetskyAllow cookie array to contain multiple dimensions and...
2005-12-22  Michael Wallner- fix leak with post files
2005-12-22  Michael Wallner- fix resetting post fields
2005-12-22  Michael Wallner- fix addRawPostData corruption
2005-12-22  Michael Wallner- separation of the postFields array
2005-12-22  Michael Wallner- typo
2005-12-22  Michael Wallner- here goes the same with cookies
2005-12-22  Michael Wallner- create another copy of the header zval
2005-12-22  Michael Wallner- cleanup
2005-12-22  Michael Wallner- no need for a explicit destructor any longer
2005-12-22  Michael Wallnermissed that part
2005-12-22  Michael Wallner- fixed memory corruptions on reusing HttpRequest;
2005-12-22  Frank M. KromannFix build for non-curl configurations
2005-12-21  Michael Wallner- only encode if there's anything to encode
2005-12-21  Michael Wallner- fix inflating highly compressed data
2005-12-21  Michael Wallner- remove debug code
2005-12-20  Michael Wallner- don't call into ext/zlib any longer
2005-12-20  Michael Wallner- CURLOPT_COOKIELIST needs curl 7.15
2005-12-20  Michael Wallner- add HttpRequest::getRawResponseMessage() and ::getRaw...
2005-12-18  Michael Wallner- fix build_url() with relative paths
2005-12-18  Michael Wallner- path has been copied twice
2005-12-18  Michael Wallner- http_build_url() replaces http_absolute_(url|uri...
2005-12-18  Michael Wallner- remove the temp file
2005-12-18  Michael Wallner- add gzip stream filter test
2005-12-18  Michael Wallnerthanks, msvc didn't complain about that
2005-12-18  Ilia AlshanetskyFixed test
2005-12-18  Ilia AlshanetskyFixed build
2005-12-18  Michael Wallner- fix inclusion of zlib.h
2005-12-17  Michael Wallner- a stream wrapper that defeats the idea of streams...
2005-12-16  Michael Wallner- highly experimental stream wrapper
2005-12-15  Michael Wallner- complete open_basedir checks
2005-12-15  Michael Wallner- ensure we have string zvals in http_request_body_fill()
2005-12-15  Michael Wallner- fix url check in open_basedir check
2005-12-15  Michael Wallner- start open_basedir checks
2005-12-15  Michael Wallner- release 0.20.0
2005-12-15  Frank M. Kromannextend the search for zlib.h
2005-12-14  Michael Wallner- avoid read beyond buffer
2005-12-14  Michael Wallner- using Accept-Encoding header instead of CURLOPT_ENCOD...
2005-12-14  Michael Wallner- export http_parse_cookie()
2005-12-14  Michael Wallner- re-set en/decoded to NULL if we fail
2005-12-14  Michael Wallner- clean up
2005-12-14  Michael Wallner- check for egrep and sed
2005-12-14  Michael Wallner- fix PHP4 build
2005-12-14  Ilia AlshanetskyIncrease URL length to 4k, only IE limits the length...
2005-12-13  Michael Wallner- remove http_compress() and http_uncompress() (deflate...
2005-12-13  Michael Wallner- fix segv
2005-12-13  Michael Wallner- some more relay stuff
2005-12-13  Michael Wallner- ws, dammit
2005-12-13  Michael Wallner- implement more of those useful allocation relays
2005-12-13  Ilia Alshanetskyfixed build
2005-12-12  Michael Wallner- fix warning
2005-12-12  Michael Wallner- add missing header files
2005-12-12  Michael Wallner- take care of request.body
2005-12-12  Michael Wallner- update package.xml
2005-12-12  Michael Wallner- re-enable progress callback
2005-12-12  Michael Wallner- made the silently failing message parser raise some...
2005-12-11  Michael Wallner- fix possible leak and unitiliazed port
2005-12-11  Michael Wallner- reimplement major parts of the request api
2005-12-11  Michael Wallner- add curl_ioctl_callback
2005-12-11  Michael Wallner- use add_next_index_string()
2005-12-11  Michael Wallner- implement CURLINFO_SLIST
2005-12-11  Michael Wallner- require libcurl-7.12.3
2005-12-10  Michael Wallner- improve ext/hash detection
2005-12-10  Michael Wallner- fix config.m4
2005-12-10  Michael Wallner- tests fixup
2005-12-10  Michael Wallner- bug has been fixed; remaining buffering apache filter...
2005-12-10  Michael Wallner- allow requests for compressed content even if neither...
2005-12-10  Michael Wallner- fypo tix
2005-12-10  Michael Wallner- fix leak with class constants
2005-12-10  Michael Wallner- always call deflateEnd() etc
2005-12-10  Michael Wallner- sanitize
2005-12-09  Michael Wallner- lotta changes asked by Ilia