skip online test
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2016-03-26  Remi Colletskip online test v2.5.x
2016-03-09  Michael Wallnerfix bug #71719 (Buffer overflow in HTTP url parsing...
2015-09-25  Michael Wallneradd missing test
2015-09-09  Michael Wallnerfix test
2015-09-07  Michael Wallnerdon't rely on external services (tm)
2015-08-03  Michael Wallnerfix for travis
2015-08-03  Michael Wallnertimeout on stdin
2015-08-03  Michael Wallneradd more logging
2015-08-03  Michael Wallneruse a longer timeout
2015-08-03  Michael Wallnerbreak on timeout
2015-08-03  Michael Wallnerfix datetime warning in logger
2015-08-03  Michael Wallnerfix logger
2015-08-03  Michael Wallneradd some logs
2015-08-03  Michael Wallneradd some error logging
2015-08-03  Michael Wallnerfix typo
2015-07-22  Michael WallnerFix gh-issue #7
2015-07-22  Michael WallnerFix gh-issue #6
2015-05-21  Michael Wallnerfix http\Params::__toString() with RFC5988 payload...
2015-04-24  Remi Colletfix skip
2015-04-08  Remi ColletMerge branch 'master' of
2015-04-08  Michael Wallnerfix bug #69357
2015-03-27  Michael WallnerFixed bug #69313
2015-03-22  Boris Madzarfix for bug #69076, fix handling of URLs with lone...
2015-03-18  Remi ColletMerge branch 'master' of
2015-03-12  Michael Wallnerit is always bad to rely on external things
2015-03-12  Michael WallnerMerge branch 'R_2_3'
2015-03-03  Michael Wallnerfis querystring offset set bug
2015-03-03  Michael Wallnerfis querystring offset set bug
2015-03-03  Remi Colletthis test requires online
2015-03-03  Remi Colletthis test requires online
2015-03-02  Michael Wallnerremove obsolete tests
2015-02-20  Remi Colletcleanup debug stuff
2015-02-19  Michael Wallnerhere too
2015-02-19  Michael Wallneruse a random port offset
2015-02-19  Michael Wallnerminor C-L bug in older libcurl
2015-02-19  Michael Wallnerskip on older libcurl
2015-02-19  Remi Colletchange base port to make 32/64 simultenaous build easier
2015-02-19  Remi Collethonours TEST_PHP_EXECUTABLE and TEST_PHP_ARGS (set...
2015-02-19  Remi ColletMerge branch 'master' of
2015-02-19  Michael Wallnerrestore php-5.3 compatibility
2015-02-17  Michael Wallnerdon't generate stat based etags for temp/mem streams
2015-02-17  Michael Wallnertest header parser errors and streaming
2015-02-17  Michael Wallnertest 4-byte sequences
2015-02-17  Michael Wallnerbetter error message
2015-02-17  Michael Wallner(gcov) tests fixup
2015-02-17  Michael Wallnerbetter errors from the headers parser
2015-02-16  Michael Wallnerignore disconnect exceptions
2015-02-16  Michael Wallnertest++
2015-02-16  Michael Wallnerfix ::toStream() in ZTS
2015-02-15  Michael Wallnerexpose header parser
2015-02-15  Michael Wallnerfix test with non-openssl
2015-02-13  Michael Wallnerfix Content-Range messages; remove superfluous Content...
2015-02-12  Michael Wallneradd test
2015-02-12  Michael Wallnertests++
2015-02-12  Michael Wallnerrename info tests
2015-02-12  Michael Wallnerhttp2 test
2015-02-12  Michael Wallnerdon't create persistent easy handles for non-persistent...
2015-02-12  Michael Wallneryep, moved there. ugh
2015-02-12  Michael Wallnermoved
2015-02-12  Michael Wallnerreorder
2015-02-11  Michael Wallnerreduce count of online tests
2015-02-11  Michael Wallneradd pipelining test
2015-02-11  Michael Wallnerno Content-Length on CONNECT responses
2015-02-10  Michael Wallnerimplement curl multi options through http\Client::confi...
2015-02-07  Michael WallnerMerge branch 'R_2_2'
2015-02-07  Michael WallnerFixed Bug #69000 (http\Url breaks down with very long...
2015-02-05  Michael Wallneradd test
2015-02-05  Michael Wallnertlsauth SSL request option support
2015-02-05  Michael Wallnerimplement restrictions on TE
2015-02-05  Michael WallnerCURLOPT_PROXYHEADER support; default chunked encoding...
2015-02-04  Michael Wallnerupdate expectations how history requests look like
2014-11-12  Michael Wallnerupdate test
2014-11-12  Michael Wallneradd http\Env\Request::getCookie()
2014-11-12  Michael Wallnerfix title
2014-11-11  Michael Wallneradd http\Env\Response::setCookie()
2014-11-07  Michael Wallnerdon't abuse STR_FREE; ditch http\Url::parse(); fix...
2014-11-07  Remi Collettypo
2014-11-07  Remi ColletMerge branch 'master' of
2014-11-06  Michael WallnerMerge branch 'R_2_1'
2014-11-06  Michael WallnerMerge branch 'R_2_1'
2014-11-06  Michael WallnerFixed bug #66891 (Unexpected HTTP 401 after NTLM authen...
2014-11-06  Michael WallnerMerge branch 'R_2_1'
2014-11-06  Michael WallnerMerge branch 'R_2_1'
2014-11-06  Michael WallnerMerge branch 'R_2_1'
2014-11-06  Michael Wallnertest ::PARSE_TOPCT
2014-11-06  Michael Wallnermore explicit constant names
2014-11-06  Michael Wallnersimplify
2014-11-06  Michael Wallnerupdate
2014-10-22  Michael Wallnerlet the parser handle non-blocking streams
2014-10-16  Michael WallnerMerge branch 'R_2_1'
2014-09-25  Michael WallnerMerge branch 'R_2_1'
2014-09-25  Michael Wallneradd test for bug67932
2014-09-25  Remi ColletMerge branch 'R_2_1'
2014-09-25  Remi ColletMerge branch 'master' of
2014-09-25  Michael WallnerMerge branch 'R_2_1'
2014-09-25  Michael WallnerMerge branch 'R_2_1'
2014-09-25  Michael WallnerMerge branch 'R_2_1'
2014-09-15  Michael WallnerMerge branch 'R_2_1'
2014-09-09  Michael WallnerMerge branch 'R_2_1'
2014-09-09  Michael WallnerMerge branch 'R_2_1'