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2014-11-06  Michael WallnerFixed bug #66891 (Unexpected HTTP 401 after NTLM authen...
2014-09-25  Michael Wallneradd test for bug67932
2014-09-09  Remi Colletskip this test for offline build
2014-09-01  Michael Wallnerfix sovereignty of clients when using events
2014-08-11  Michael Wallnerfix PHP-5.3 compatibility
2014-08-05  Michael WallnerMerge branch 'merge-DEV_2'
2014-08-02  Remi Colletslip online test
2014-08-02  Remi Colletset always_populate_raw_post_data=-1 to avoid failed...
2014-08-02  Remi ColletMerge branch 'master' of
2014-07-11  Michael WallnerMerge branch 'R_2_0'
2014-07-11  Michael WallnerMerge branch 'R_2_0'
2014-07-11  Michael WallnerMerge branch 'R_2_0'
2014-07-11  Michael WallnerMerge branch 'R_2_0'
2014-07-11  Michael Wallnerfix test
2014-07-10  Michael Wallnerbetter reporting whether the response was sent out...
2014-07-10  Michael WallnerMerge branch 'R_2_0'
2014-07-10  Michael Wallnerrm phpunit.phpt
2014-07-10  Michael Wallnerunfold cookie tests and fix variable type inconsitency
2014-07-10  Michael WallnerMerge branch 'R_2_0'
2014-07-10  Michael Wallneradd boundary check
2014-07-10  Michael WallnerMerge branch 'R_2_0'
2014-07-10  Michael Wallnerfix expectation
2014-07-10  Michael WallnerMerge branch 'R_2_0'
2014-07-10  Michael Wallnerunfold message body tests
2014-07-09  Michael WallnerMerge branch 'R_2_0'
2014-07-09  Michael Wallneraddcslashes seems to use the octal form to escape nils
2014-07-09  Michael WallnerMerge branch 'R_2_0'
2014-07-09  Michael Wallnerport querystring tests
2014-07-09  Michael Wallnerunfold encoding tests
2014-07-09  Michael Wallnerunfold url tests
2014-07-09  Michael Wallnerunfold param tests
2014-07-09  Michael WallnerMerge branch 'R_2_0'
2014-07-09  Michael WallnerMerge branch 'R_2_0'
2014-07-09  Michael Wallnerfix gc issue with json post
2014-07-09  Michael Wallnerfix refcount issue with env request body
2014-07-09  Michael Wallnerfix refcount issue with message bodies
2014-07-09  Michael Wallnerfixup testsuite for new remote endpoint
2014-07-08  Michael WallnerMerge branch 'R_2_0'
2014-04-24  Michael WallnerMerge branch 'R_2_0'
2014-04-24  Michael WallnerMerge branch 'R_2_0'
2014-04-24  Michael Wallnerreset the content length when the body was reset
2014-04-22  Michael WallnerMerge branch 'R_2_0'
2014-04-17  Michael WallnerMerge branch 'R_2_0'
2014-04-16  Michael Wallnertest fix
2014-04-16  Michael Wallnerfix tests
2014-04-04  Michael WallnerMerge branch 'R_2_0'
2014-04-04  Michael WallnerMerge branch 'R_2_0'
2014-01-17  Michael Wallnerfix test
2014-01-17  Michael WallnerMerge branch 'R_2_0'
2014-01-16  Michael Wallnerfix regression
2014-01-16  Michael Wallneradd tests
2014-01-16  Michael Wallnerfix skipif
2014-01-03  Michael Wallnerfix SKIPIF
2014-01-02  Michael Wallnerfix bug #66388 (Crash on POST with Content-Length:0...
2013-11-25  Michael Wallnerfixed a bug with multiple ob_start() on http\Env\Respon...
2013-11-23  Anatoliy Belskyfixed some tests for windows
2013-11-22  Michael Wallnerfix tests with short_open_tags off
2013-11-21  Michael Wallnerlet DEV_2 be trunk
2013-11-21  Michael Wallnerrm
2013-11-20  Michael Wallnerremoved awkward custom error handling and http\Object...
2013-11-05  Michael Wallner* standard return values
2013-10-09  Michael Wallnerimprove
2013-10-09  Michael Wallnerfix with master
2013-08-12  Michael Wallnertest reafactoring; release beta5
2013-07-16  Michael Wallnerconverted phpunit ClientRequestTest to PHPTs
2013-05-19  Michael Wallner- less custom macro cruft
2013-04-05  Michael Wallnerclient test and fixes
2013-03-28  Michael Wallnercodename: client meltdown
2013-03-03  Michael Wallnerrelease 1.7.5
2013-03-02  Michael Wallnerfix tests
2013-02-03  Michael Wallnermerge raphf branch
2013-02-03  Michael Wallnersplit off raphf
2012-12-31  Michael Wallnerfix explicit php version in test
2012-12-31  Michael Wallnerprepare beta4
2012-12-31  Michael Wallner%d object handle id
2012-12-31  Michael Wallnerfixed message var_dump with inherited property with...
2012-12-20  Michael Wallnermerged response-streams branch
2012-12-20  Michael Wallneradd stream support for http\Env\Response
2012-12-14  Michael Wallnerdisable for 5.3
2012-12-12  Michael Wallnercatch CRs with %c and remove XFAIL
2012-12-12  Michael Wallnertests++
2012-12-09  Michael Wallnertests++
2012-11-08  Michael Wallnerbetter PHP-5.3 compatibility
2012-11-07  Michael Wallner- add http\Env::getResponseStatusForAllCodes()
2012-10-28  Michael Wallner80%+ test coverage
2012-07-30  Michael Wallnertest http\Url::SANITIZE_PATH
2012-07-30  Michael Wallnertest parsing messages from stream
2012-05-09  Michael Wallneradd json content type handler if ext/json is present
2012-04-04  Michael Wallnerfix bug #64111
2012-03-30  Michael Wallnerrelease dev10
2012-03-26  Michael Wallneradd missing tests
2012-03-22  Michael Wallnerremove 90% of the request method cruft; request methods...
2012-03-20  Michael Wallnerremove lots of unused code; tests++; speed up php_http_...
2012-03-20  Michael Wallneruse a http\Params like array as content disposition
2012-03-17  Michael Wallnerrename http\Env\Request::getPost() to getForm(), becaus...
2012-03-15  Michael Wallnerduh, test before commit!; remove errenous additional...
2012-03-13  Michael Wallneradd some more tests; fix leak in php_http_env_get_respo...
2012-03-10  Michael Wallnerfix wrong assumption in php_http_env_is_response_cached...
2012-03-08  Michael Wallnersanitized negotiation code
2012-03-01  Michael Wallnerfix tests; fix leaks in new http\Env\Request methods...