[m6w6/ext-http] / src / php_http_client_curl.c
2021-03-05  Michael Wallneradd CURLOPT_{,PROXY}_TLS13_CIPHERS
2021-03-05  Michael Wallneradd request option proxy_ssl.pinned_publickey
2021-03-05  Michael Wallneradd proxy_ssl request options
2021-03-05  Michael Wallnerfix old and add new http\Client\Curl\Versions constants
2021-03-05  Michael Wallnerws
2021-03-05  Michael Wallneradd CURLOPT_DNS_SHUFFLE_ADDRESSES
2021-03-02  Michael Wallneradd CURLOPT_HAPROXYPROTOCOL
2021-03-01  Michael Wallneradd CURLOPT_SSLVERSION_MAX constants
2021-03-01  Michael Wallneradd CURLOPT_ABSTRACT_UNIX_SOCKET
2021-03-01  Michael Wallneradd CURL_SSLVERSION_TLSv1_3
2021-03-01  Michael Wallneradd curl request option tcp_fastopen
2021-03-01  Michael Wallneradd http version 2_PRIOR_KNOWLEDGE and 3 constants
2021-03-01  Michael Wallneradd curl request option socks5_auth
2021-03-01  Michael Wallneradd new curl_info entries
2021-01-13  Michael Wallnerlimit the workaround for #84 to libcurl 7.63-7.64
2020-09-21  Michael WallnerPHP 8 compatibility
2019-10-24  Jan EhrhardtMerge pull request #96 from Jan-E/master
2019-10-24  Jan-EPHP 7.4: ulong->unsigned long, uint->uint32_t
2019-07-12  Michael WallnerRevert "add more cookie tests"
2019-07-12  Michael Wallneradd more cookie tests
2019-02-26  Michael Wallnerworkaround for #84
2019-02-04  Michael WallnerMerge pull request #74 from gbarosio/readme
2018-07-23  Michael Wallnertravis: fix ssl client test
2018-02-27  Michael Wallnerimplement #58
2018-02-23  Michael Wallnerupdate curl info
2017-07-03  Michael HeimpoldHandle NULL strings gracefully during constant registration
2017-07-03  Michael Wallnercurl: fix gnutls include
2017-07-03  Michael WallnerFix issue #65
2017-06-07  Michael WallnerMerge pull request #70 from mhei/fix_register_null_strings
2017-06-04  Michael HeimpoldHandle NULL strings gracefully during constant registration 70/head
2017-04-04  Michael Wallnercurl: fix gnutls include
2017-04-04  Michael WallnerFix issue #65
2016-12-12  Michael Wallnerprepare 3.1.0
2016-10-05  Michael Wallnerfix build issues with SSL, NSS etc.
2016-10-05  Michael WallnerMerge branch 'v2.6.x'
2016-10-04  Michael WallnerMerge branch 'v2.6.x' of ../ext-http
2016-10-04  Michael WallnerMerge branch 'v2.6.x' of ../ext-http
2016-10-04  Michael Wallnerupdate config.m4; allow disabling idna; add idnkit
2016-10-04  Michael Wallnerflush
2016-09-14  Michael WallnerMerge branch 'v2.6.x'
2016-09-14  Michael WallnerMerge branch 'v2.6.x'
2016-09-14  Michael WallnerMerge branch 'v2.6.x'
2016-09-14  Michael Wallnercoverity fixes
2016-09-14  Michael Wallnercoverity fixes
2016-09-14  Michael WallnerMerge branch 'v2.6.x'
2016-09-14  Michael Wallnernew curlinfo
2016-09-12  Michael WallnerMerge branch 'v2.6.x'
2016-09-12  Michael WallnerMerge branch 'v2.6.x'
2016-09-08  Michael WallnerMerge branch 'v2.6.x'
2016-09-07  Michael WallnerMerge branch 'v2.6.x'
2016-08-23  Michael WallnerMerge branch 'v2.6.x'
2016-08-23  Michael Wallneravoid recursive calls to the event loop dispatcher
2016-08-23  Michael WallnerMerge branch 'v2.6.x'
2016-08-23  Michael Wallneravoid recursive calls to the event loop dispatcher
2016-08-22  Michael WallnerMerge branch 'v2.6.x'
2016-08-10  Michael WallnerMerge branch 'v2.6.x'
2016-08-10  Michael WallnerFix #50
2016-07-27  Michael WallnerMerge branch 'v2.6.x'
2016-06-21  Michael WallnerMerge branch 'v2.6.x'
2016-06-21  Michael WallnerAdd http\Client::setDebug(callable $debug) and constants
2016-06-15  Michael WallnerMerge branch 'v2.6.x'
2016-06-13  Michael WallnerMerge branch 'v2.6.x'
2016-06-13  Michael Wallneruser event loop support for the curl client
2016-06-11  Michael Wallnerfollowup on #44
2016-06-09  Michael WallnerImplement gc handlers
2016-06-07  Michael Wallnermodularize curl event handler
2016-06-01  Michael WallnerMerge branch 'v2.6.x'
2016-05-24  Michael WallnerMerge branch 'v2.6.x'
2016-05-24  Michael Wallnerwe need libcurl 7.21.5 for UNKNOWN_OPTION and 7.23...
2016-05-24  Michael Wallnerfix error messages of curlm_set_option
2016-05-24  Michael WallnerMerge branch 'v2.6.x'
2016-05-24  Michael Wallneradd Client::configure option to disable the share
2016-05-24  Michael Wallnerwrap more options behind feature checks
2016-05-23  Michael Wallneravoid 'error: Success' condition
2016-05-23  Michael Wallnersane cookie handling for the client
2016-04-27  Michael Wallnerfix ZVAL_STRING usage in options_init
2016-04-27  Michael WallnerMerge branch 'v2.6.x' of
2016-04-27  Michael Wallnerfix typos
2016-04-27  Michael Wallnerfix issue #39
2016-04-27  Michael Wallnerallow setting proxyhost request option to NULL
2016-04-26  Michael Wallnercurl version and feature constants
2016-04-26  Michael Wallnerlet the client share cookies/tls sessions
2016-04-13  Michael Wallnerreset errorcode
2016-04-01  Michael Wallneradd/improve configure checks for default CA bundle...
2016-03-09  Michael WallnerMerge branch 'v2.5.x'
2016-03-09  Michael Wallneradd CURL_HTTP_VERSION_2TLS
2016-01-21  Michael WallnerSSL_VERIFYSTATUS is only availbe for nss, gtls and...
2016-01-19  Michael WallnerMerge branch 'v2.5.x'
2015-09-29  Michael WallnerMerge branch 'R_2_5'
2015-09-28  Michael Wallnerfix build
2015-09-28  Michael WallnerMerge branch 'R_2_5'
2015-09-28  Michael Wallnerattempt to implement some personal standards