- add HTTP_URL_STRIP_ALL constant
[m6w6/ext-http] / php_http_url_api.h
2006-05-19  Michael Wallner- add HTTP_URL_STRIP_ALL constant
2006-04-29  Michael Wallner- fix behaviour of http_build_url() when second paramet...
2006-03-28  Michael Wallner- get rid of 1001 strict-aliasing warnings
2006-01-27  Michael Wallner- add flag parameter to http_build_url(); slightly...
2006-01-02  Michael Wallner- happy new year
2005-12-18  Michael Wallner- http_build_url() replaces http_absolute_(url|uri...
2005-11-22  Michael Wallner- module/includes cleanup
2005-11-01  Michael Wallner- own, simpler hash urlencoder
2005-10-24  Michael Wallner- relicense with a BSD style license
2005-04-10  Michael Wallner* more modular file structure