[m6w6/ext-http] / package.xml
2014-08-13  Michael Wallnernews
2014-08-13  Michael Wallneradd curlcode transfer info
2014-08-13  Michael WallnerRemoved port and scheme guessing of http\Url for portab...
2014-08-05  Michael WallnerMerge branch 'merge-DEV_2'
2014-08-05  Michael Wallnerback to dev
2014-08-05  Michael Wallnerprepare R_2_1_0_RC2 RELEASE_2_1_0_RC2
2014-08-04  Michael Wallner no other SSL libs need this sort of callbacks
2014-08-02  Remi ColletMerge branch 'master' of
2014-08-01  Michael WallnerBFN RELEASE_2_1_0_RC1
2014-08-01  Michael Wallnerprepare R_2_1_0_RC1
2014-07-31  Michael Wallnerupgrade curl stuff
2014-07-11  Michael WallnerMerge branch 'R_2_0'
2014-07-11  Michael Wallnerback to dev v2.0.x
2014-07-11  Michael Wallnerfix xml RELEASE_2_0_7
2014-07-11  Michael WallnerMerge branch 'R_2_0'
2014-07-11  Michael Wallnerfix xml
2014-07-11  Michael Wallnerpackage administrativa
2014-07-11  Michael WallnerMerge branch 'R_2_0'
2014-07-11  Michael Wallnerpackage administrativa
2014-07-11  Michael WallnerMerge branch 'R_2_0'
2014-07-10  Michael WallnerMerge branch 'R_2_0'
2014-07-10  Michael WallnerMerge branch 'R_2_0'
2014-07-10  Michael WallnerMerge branch 'R_2_0'
2014-07-10  Michael WallnerMerge branch 'R_2_0'
2014-07-09  Michael WallnerMerge branch 'R_2_0'
2014-07-09  Michael WallnerMerge branch 'R_2_0'
2014-07-09  Michael WallnerMerge branch 'R_2_0'
2014-07-09  Michael WallnerMerge branch 'R_2_0'
2014-07-08  Michael WallnerMerge branch 'R_2_0'
2014-04-24  Michael WallnerMerge branch 'R_2_0'
2014-04-24  Michael Wallner2.0.6 RELEASE_2_0_6
2014-04-24  Michael WallnerMerge branch 'R_2_0'
2014-04-22  Michael WallnerMerge branch 'R_2_0'
2014-04-17  Michael WallnerMerge branch 'R_2_0'
2014-04-04  Michael WallnerMerge branch 'R_2_0'
2014-04-04  Michael Wallnerback to dev
2014-04-04  Michael WallnerMerge branch 'R_2_0'
2014-04-04  Michael Wallnerrelease 2.0.5 RELEASE_2_0_5
2014-01-17  Michael WallnerMerge branch 'R_2_0'
2014-01-17  Michael WallnerFix a rare crash with unitialized CURLOPT_HTTPHEADER
2014-01-16  Michael Wallner2.1.0dev
2014-01-03  Michael Wallnerdev
2014-01-02  Michael Wallnerbump year
2013-12-10  Michael Wallnerremove pecl/event conflict
2013-12-10  Michael Wallnerfix typo; wtf? RELEASE_2_0_3
2013-12-10  Michael Wallnerfix description RELEASE_2_0_2
2013-12-10  Michael WallnerFixed bug #66250 (shutdown crash as shared extension)
2013-11-26  Michael Wallnerrelease 2.0.1 RELEASE_2_0_1
2013-11-25  Michael Wallnerfixed a bug with multiple ob_start() on http\Env\Respon...
2013-11-22  Michael Wallner2.0.0 stable
2013-11-21  Michael Wallnerlet DEV_2 be trunk
2013-11-20  Michael Wallnerremoved awkward custom error handling and http\Object...
2013-09-11  Anatoliy Belskyadded config.w32 to package.xml
2013-08-12  Michael Wallnertest reafactoring; release beta5
2013-07-16  Michael Wallnerconverted phpunit ClientRequestTest to PHPTs
2013-06-20  Michael Wallnerrelease 1.7.6
2013-04-05  Michael Wallnerclient test and fixes
2013-04-04  Michael Wallnerallow retrieval of response by request
2013-03-28  Michael Wallnercodename: client meltdown
2013-03-08  Michael Wallnerfix bug #64380 (http_message_object.c build fails in...
2013-03-03  Michael Wallnerrelease 1.7.5
2013-03-02  Michael Wallner* Fixed Bug #64310 (weak etags W/"abc" are quoted as...
2013-03-02  Michael Wallnerpecl/propro and pecl/raphf
2012-12-31  Michael Wallnerrelease beta4
2012-12-31  Michael Wallnerprepare beta4
2012-12-13  Michael Wallner2.0.0beta3
2012-12-12  Michael Wallneraqdd missing files
2012-11-29  Michael Wallner2.0.0beta2
2012-10-11  Michael Wallner2.0.0beta1
2012-04-13  Michael Wallnerprepare 2.0.0alpha1 release
2012-04-04  Michael Wallnerfix bug #64111
2012-04-02  Michael Wallnerfix bug #61372 (undefined symbol: Z_ADDREF_P - possibly...
2012-03-30  Michael Wallnerrelease dev10
2012-03-30  Michael Wallnerreintegrate the DEV_2-client branch
2012-03-30  Michael Wallnerupdate filelist
2012-03-26  Michael Wallneradd missing tests
2012-03-23  Michael Wallneradd population of _POST and _FILES for non-POST request...
2012-03-22  Michael Wallnerremove php_http_request_method.[ch]; add support for...
2012-03-22  Michael Wallnerremove 90% of the request method cruft; request methods...
2012-03-20  Michael Wallneradd changelog and new tests
2012-03-20  Michael Wallnerfix package.xml
2012-03-17  Michael Wallnerkeep track of changes in package.xml
2012-03-17  Michael Wallnerrename http\Env\Request::getPost() to getForm(), becaus...
2012-03-16  Michael Wallnerrelease 2.0.0dev8
2012-03-09  Michael Wallnerrelease 2.0.0dev7
2012-03-08  Michael Wallner* Fixed Bug #61310: Bundled pecl_http-1.7.2.tgz is...
2012-03-01  Michael Wallnerfix tests; fix leaks in new http\Env\Request methods...
2012-02-24  Michael Wallnerexperimental stream message parser
2012-02-21  Michael Wallnerprepare 1.7.2 release
2012-01-23  Michael Wallnermake place for real release notes; keep a major changes...
2012-01-23  Michael Wallnerfix bug #60839 php_http_serf.h missing; prepare dev4...
2012-01-16  Michael Wallnerrelease 2.0.0-dev3
2011-06-14  Michael Wallnerrelease 2.0.0dev2
2011-06-10  Michael Wallnerseparate php_http_env_response and implement content...
2011-06-02  Michael Wallneradd package.xml for dev1 release
2011-05-05  Michael WallnerFixed Bug #17896 Make failed
2011-05-05  Michael Wallnerrealease 1.7.1
2010-06-09  Michael Wallnersilly mistake
2010-06-09  Michael Wallner* Added generic http_negotiate() function (FR#17338)
2010-04-28  Michael Wallnerfixed bug #16893 Content not decoded with zlib support...