- php_info fun
[m6w6/ext-http] / missing.c
2005-09-19  Michael Wallner- initialize local zvals used as HashTable containers
2005-09-02  Michael Wallner- fix WONKY build
2005-09-01  Michael Wallner- prepare for working static properties in PHP_5_1
2005-08-25  Michael Wallner- don't copy the refcount of the passed in value -...
2005-08-25  Michael Wallner- add etag generation through mhash
2005-08-23  Michael Wallner- ditch http_split_response()
2005-08-19  Michael Wallner- improve static property handling
2005-08-16  Michael Wallner- bloody workaround for internal class' static properties
2005-08-09  Michael Wallner- add PHP_FUNCTION(http_parse_message) -- http_get...
2005-08-08  Michael Wallner- proper fallthrough in zend_update_static_property()
2005-08-08  Michael Wallner- incorporate static property routines into missing.c
2005-08-08  Michael Wallner- be smart about internal/user zvals, though it's not...
2005-08-08  Michael Wallner- fix php4 build
2005-08-03  Michael Wallner- add HttpMessage class constants
2005-07-22  Michael Wallner- (declare|update)_property_bool is also missing
2005-05-30  Michael Wallner- define zend_(upate|declare)_property_double only...
2005-05-22  Michael Wallner* flush *