- correct package name
[m6w6/ext-http] / http_request_object.c
2005-09-23  Michael Wallner- fixed a gotcha in http_chunked_decode (-size_t is...
2005-09-19  Michael Wallner- initialize local zvals used as HashTable containers
2005-09-15  Michael Wallner- more descriptive constant names
2005-09-13  Michael Wallner- type safety for properties
2005-09-12  Michael Wallner- add missing support for raw post data (HttpRequest)
2005-09-08  Michael Wallner- ditch warnings
2005-09-02  Michael Wallner- improve config.m4
2005-08-24  Michael Wallner- simplify request/response handling
2005-08-23  Michael Wallner- ditch http_split_response()
2005-08-16  Michael Wallner- parameter to set*() and add*() methods is optional
2005-08-16  Michael Wallner- API cleanup: remove unset*() methods and make set...
2005-08-02  Michael Wallner- missing include
2005-07-29  Michael Wallner- HTTP_REGISTER_CLASS_EX already calls http_request_obj...
2005-07-29  Marcus Boerger- Fix property handling
2005-07-29  Michael Wallner- fix INI entries
2005-07-28  Michael Wallner- no user debug callbacks any longer
2005-07-27  Michael Wallner- ssl options were only setable rather than modifiable...
2005-07-27  Michael Wallner- fix option setting
2005-07-27  Michael Wallner- avoid callbacks during shutdown
2005-07-27  Michael Wallner- increment refcount for HttpRequest object put into...
2005-07-26  Michael Wallner- fix possible mem-leak in http_absolute_uri()
2005-07-26  Michael Wallner- bump version
2005-07-26  Michael Wallner- fix refelction info for some methods of HttpRequest
2005-07-24  Michael Wallner- fix some gcc warnings
2005-07-24  Michael Wallner- API juggling
2005-07-22  Michael Wallner- clean previous response
2005-07-21  Michael Wallner- fix refelction info
2005-07-20  Michael Wallner- separate http_methods.c into http_*_object.c files
2005-07-19  Michael Wallner- reflection awareness of HttpRequest
2005-07-19  Michael Wallner- reorder includes, always include php.h first
2005-06-14  Michael Wallner- fixed mem leak
2005-06-14  Michael Wallner- fix request pool issues
2005-06-13  Michael Wallner- yet better a memleak than a segfault
2005-06-13  Michael Wallner- fix memleak
2005-06-13  Michael Wallner- sanitize retreival of response info
2005-06-09  Michael Wallner- move http_parse_cookie() code to an odd http_parse_ke...
2005-06-08  Michael Wallner- proper request pool cleanup
2005-06-07  Michael Wallner- crunch ARG_INFO
2005-06-07  Michael Wallner- draft: implement curl_multi as HttpRequestPool
2005-05-31  Michael Wallner- add put methods for HttpRequest
2005-05-06  Michael Wallner- improved put support
2005-05-06  Michael WallnerI, moron
2005-05-06  Michael Wallner- vastly simplified curl api and renamed it to request...
2005-04-13  Michael Wallner- use custom error function
2005-04-12  Michael Wallner- split object code into separate files