- Fixed build on php-trunk
[m6w6/ext-http] / http_request_datashare_api.c
2009-12-31  Michael Wallneryear bump
2007-02-09  Michael Wallner- finalize persistent handle support (probably)
2007-02-07  Michael Wallner- fix copyright year
2007-02-04  Michael Wallner - fix chicken&egg problem with ZTS + persistent handle...
2007-01-31  Michael Wallner- move some definitions around
2007-01-28  Michael Wallner- persistent handles for curl_share and curl_multi
2006-09-19  Michael Wallner- attempt to fix gcc-2.95 build
2006-09-16  Michael Wallner- enable dns data sharing for the global request datash...
2006-09-13  Michael Wallner- (non-)ZTS fixes
2006-09-13  Michael Wallner- fix typo
2006-09-13  Michael Wallner- add HttpRequestDataShare (interface to curl_share)