fxed bug #17169 wrong return value of HttpMessage::getHttpVersion()
[m6w6/ext-http] / http_message_object.c
2010-04-28  Michael Wallnerfxed bug #17169 wrong return value of HttpMessage:...
2010-04-26  Michael Wallnerfix TS build, thanks Felipe
2010-04-26  Michael Wallnerfix access og HttpMessage properties
2009-12-31  Michael Wallneryear bump
2009-07-22  Michael Wallnerfix bug #16700
2009-03-18  Michael Wallnerbetter fix for robs issue
2009-03-17  Michael Wallnerfix HttpMessage::toMessageTypeObject()
2009-02-12  Michael WallnerFixed bug #15800
2009-01-13  Michael Wallnerfix Bug #15509 HttpMessage::rewind memory leaks
2009-01-12  Michael Wallner fix bug#15495 HttpMessage::setHttpVersion segfault
2008-09-24  Michael Wallnerreinitilaize http message prior throwing error
2008-07-11  Michael Wallnerfix bug #14218 Class' extending HttpMessage properties...
2008-02-07  Michael Wallnerfix gc issues
2008-02-04  Michael Wallnerfix PHP_5_3 build
2007-10-03  Michael Wallner- fix SEGV on prematurely called HttpMessage::next()
2007-06-19  Michael Wallner- don't free twice
2007-06-19  Michael Wallner- fix bug #11359 HttpMessage::toMessageTypeObject(...
2007-02-22  Michael Wallner- removed error prone macros, fixes bug #10151 (build...
2007-02-07  Michael Wallner- fix PHP4 build
2007-02-07  Michael Wallner- fix copyright year
2007-01-24  Michael Wallner- more fixes for empty message info
2007-01-24  Michael Wallner- fix segvs with incompletely initialiezed HttpMessages
2007-01-23  Michael Wallner- add HttpMessage::fromEnv(int type[, string class_name])
2007-01-23  Michael Wallner- allow response codes up to 599
2006-12-04  Michael Wallner- fix SEGV on un/serializing HttpRequests
2006-11-23  Michael Wallner- ditch usage of clunky HTTP_GSC/HTTP_GSP macros
2006-11-20  Michael Wallner- improve internal array handling
2006-11-04  Michael Wallner- servers may return a header multiple times, join...
2006-10-27  Michael Wallner- fix leak in HttpResponse::setData()
2006-10-17  Michael Wallner- fix unsetting response headers
2006-08-21  Michael Wallner- fix a load of issues with inheritance and cloning
2006-07-17  Michael Wallner- fix overload guards leaks
2006-07-07  Michael Wallner- add HttpMessage::get(string $name)
2006-06-11  Michael Wallner- attempt to fix gcc-2.95 build by using less HTTP_HAVE...
2006-06-08  Michael Wallner- add HttpMessage::guessContentType()
2006-06-07  Michael Wallner- config.m4 moved to config9.m4
2006-06-06  Michael Wallner- allow to avoid deps on shared extensions on build...
2006-05-27  Michael Wallner- fix HttpMessage::setRequestMethod() errenously issuin...
2006-05-19  Michael Wallner- fix switch() CS
2006-05-18  Michael Wallners/IF_RETVAL_USED/if (return_value_used)/
2006-04-06  Michael Wallner- doc fixes
2006-04-02  Michael Wallner- Disallow $HttpMessage->prepend($HttpMessage) causing...
2006-03-30  Michael Wallner* Fixed missing "parentMessage" entry in print_r($HttpM...
2006-03-29  Michael Wallner- fix warning (initialize zend_object_value)
2006-03-05  Michael Wallner- fix build (unknown macro)
2006-03-03  Michael Wallner- methods that return an object should throw an excepti...
2006-03-03  Michael Wallner- use OBJ_PROP_CE macro
2006-02-14  Michael Wallner- reverse request history
2006-02-14  Michael Wallner- changed HttpRequest::getHistory() to return a real...
2006-02-10  Michael Wallner- add 'encodecookies' request option (defaults to true...
2006-02-06  Michael Wallner- we actually never return by ref
2006-02-06  Michael Wallner- update docs
2006-02-05  Michael Wallner- implement accessors to messages response status text
2006-02-05  Michael Wallner- attempt to fix WONKY build
2006-01-27  Michael Wallner- add flag parameter to http_build_url(); slightly...
2006-01-20  Michael Wallneradd addref param to RETURN_OBJVAL() etc
2006-01-20  Michael Wallner- add HttpMessage::toMessageTypeObject()
2006-01-19  Michael Wallner- fix ce
2006-01-19  Michael Wallnerclass has to extend HttpMessage
2006-01-19  Michael Wallner- honor class of the current object
2006-01-19  Michael Wallner- add internal http_message_set_info()
2006-01-19  Michael Wallner- some housekeeping
2006-01-02  Michael Wallner- happy new year
2005-12-30  Michael Wallner- s/uri/url/gi
2005-12-28  Michael Wallner- hopefully some more appropriate fixes for the zval...
2005-12-26  Michael Wallner- add ob_(deflate|inflate)handler
2005-12-09  Michael Wallner- fix read beyond end of key string for var_dump()...
2005-11-22  Michael Wallner- module/includes cleanup
2005-11-15  Michael Wallner- ditch some warnings
2005-11-10  Michael Wallner- make request_exec() always succeed (picky curl)
2005-11-10  Michael Wallner- fix write access of HttpMessage properties
2005-11-09  Michael Wallner- SPL doesn't install its headers
2005-11-07  Michael Wallner- Countable also requires PHP-5.1+
2005-11-07  Michael Wallner- class HttpRequestPool implements Countable
2005-11-02  Michael Wallner- ditch leak
2005-10-28  Michael Wallner- no HttpMessage property access by reference
2005-10-28  Michael Wallner- fix access to variables if HttpMessage is extended
2005-10-26  Michael Wallner- errenous function declarations
2005-10-25  Michael Wallner- clone() support for HttpRequest
2005-10-24  Michael Wallner- relicense with a BSD style license
2005-10-18  Michael Wallner- use object_handlers->add_ref()
2005-10-11  Michael Wallner- use PHP macros, so that it is obvious when to call...
2005-10-07  Michael Wallner- commonize some error messages
2005-10-05  Michael Wallner- better inline docs, part #2 and #3
2005-09-30  Michael Wallner- fix write_prop() too
2005-09-30  Michael Wallner- fix PHP5 build
2005-09-23  Michael Wallner- fixed a gotcha in http_chunked_decode (-size_t is...
2005-09-20  Michael Wallner- ensure proper CURL_EXTERN macro by defining CURL_STAT...
2005-09-19  Michael Wallner- remove C++ comment
2005-09-19  Michael Wallner- avoid lots of useless ops
2005-09-19  Michael Wallner- fix property access
2005-09-19  Michael Wallner- changed the default value of $include_parent of HttpM...
2005-09-19  Michael Wallner- initialize local zvals used as HashTable containers
2005-09-15  Michael Wallner- more descriptive constant names
2005-09-12  Michael Wallner- typo
2005-09-12  Michael Wallner- added missing HttpMessage::setBody()
2005-09-08  Michael Wallner- ditch warnings
2005-09-07  Michael Wallner- ditch TSRMLS_FETCH() occurences
2005-09-02  Michael Wallner- fix WONKY build
2005-08-24  Michael Wallner- include missing.h in http.c for static property fixup