branch off v1 as R_1_7
[m6w6/ext-http] / http_encoding_api.c
2013-11-21  Michael Wallnerbranch off v1 as R_1_7 v1.7.x
2012-02-17  Michael Wallnerhack PHP_5_4 compatibility into v1
2010-11-22  Ilia AlshanetskyFixed double-free when auto-decompressing pages
2010-04-26  Michael Wallneruse heap instead of stack
2009-12-31  Michael Wallneryear bump
2009-12-30  Felipe Pena- Fixed memory leak when HttpUtil::Inflate() fails
2009-12-29  Michael WallnerMFPHP: choke on Z_OK if we expect Z_STREAM_END
2007-09-18  Michael Wallner- fix some cc warnings on x64
2007-02-07  Michael Wallner- fix copyright year
2007-01-15  Michael Wallner- use sizeof() for snprintf
2006-10-07  Michael Wallner- attempt to fix bug #8872 (build fails --without-http...
2006-09-25  Michael Wallner- fix compiler warnings
2006-09-25  Michael Wallner- fix segv with http.send.deflate.start_auto=1 and...
2006-06-20  Michael Wallner- plug a rather huge leak
2006-05-27  Michael Wallner- improve inflate performance
2006-05-20  Michael Wallner- avoid warning in http_encoding_inflate_stream_finish()
2006-05-19  Michael Wallner- fix switch() CS
2006-04-23  Michael Wallner- use PHPSTR_NOMEM
2006-04-21  Michael Wallner- use a more iterative approach in inflate code (instea...
2006-04-19  Michael Wallner- force syncronized flush on encoding stream
2006-02-07  Michael Wallner- consistent usage of HTTP_G macro (only)
2006-01-19  Michael Wallner- some housekeeping
2006-01-02  Michael Wallner- happy new year
2005-12-30  Michael Wallner- finish work on encoding api
2005-12-29  Michael Wallner- no fatal ereallocs please
2005-12-29  Michael Wallner- another typo
2005-12-29  Michael Wallner- typos
2005-12-27  Michael Wallner- add flush() to HttpDeflateStream and HttpInflateStream
2005-12-26  Michael Wallner- fix build
2005-12-26  Michael Wallner- fix flags mask
2005-12-26  Michael Wallner- add ob_(deflate|inflate)handler
2005-12-23  Michael Wallner- gcc didn't like those changes
2005-12-23  Michael Wallner- add phpstr_shrink()
2005-12-22  Michael Wallner- add flush() to encoding stream (filters)
2005-12-22  Michael Wallner- fixed memory corruptions on reusing HttpRequest;
2005-12-21  Michael Wallner- fix inflating highly compressed data
2005-12-21  Michael Wallner- remove debug code
2005-12-20  Michael Wallner- CURLOPT_COOKIELIST needs curl 7.15
2005-12-18  Michael Wallner- fix inclusion of zlib.h
2005-12-14  Michael Wallner- re-set en/decoded to NULL if we fail
2005-12-14  Michael Wallner- clean up
2005-12-13  Michael Wallner- remove http_compress() and http_uncompress() (deflate...
2005-12-12  Michael Wallner- made the silently failing message parser raise some...
2005-12-10  Michael Wallner- always call deflateEnd() etc
2005-12-09  Michael Wallner- lotta changes asked by Ilia
2005-11-22  Michael Wallner- module/includes cleanup
2005-11-15  Michael Wallner- ditch some warnings
2005-11-09  Michael Wallner- use %zu for size_t
2005-10-28  Michael Wallner- no HttpMessage property access by reference
2005-10-28  Michael Wallner- fix request errors hidden under the hood of the reque...
2005-10-26  Michael Wallner- no history logging by default
2005-10-26  Michael Wallner- fix parsing chunked encoded messages with odd spaces...
2005-10-24  Michael Wallner- relicense with a BSD style license
2005-10-21  Michael Wallner- eliminate warinings in encoding api
2005-10-17  Michael Wallner- fixed issues ifndef HTTP_HAVE_ZLIB and enable gzipped...
2005-10-17  Michael Wallner- fix remaining issues; there's still a 1-byte memleak...
2005-10-17  Michael Wallner- fix previous commit and adjust tests
2005-10-17  Michael Wallner- gzip responses
2005-10-13  Michael Wallner- independency from ext/zlib
2005-10-12  Michael Wallner- don't try to allocate negative size
2005-10-12  Michael Wallner- fix bitmask checking
2005-10-12  Michael Wallner- add gzip header verification
2005-10-12  Michael Wallner- use the same approach in uncompress like in inflate
2005-10-11  Michael Wallner- rerun only on Z_BUF_ERROR
2005-10-11  Michael Wallner- we need a bit more space for the footer too in http_g...
2005-10-10  Michael Wallner- initialize default compression level
2005-10-10  Michael Wallner- fix CRC retrieval
2005-10-10  Michael Wallner- move the chunked decoder to the encoding_api
2005-10-10  Michael Wallner- add own zlib layer