* add phpstr
[m6w6/ext-http] / http_curl_api.c
2005-03-18  Michael Wallner* allow curl use zends memory functions (just to check...
2005-03-18  Michael Wallner* curl_easy_strerror() is available as of 7.12.0
2005-03-15  Michael Wallner* fixed/improved ranges support
2005-03-10  Michael Wallner* attempt to be smarter than windows ;)
2005-03-09  Michael Wallner* cpp stuff
2005-03-06  Michael Wallner* added HTTPi_Request::getResponseCode()
2005-03-05  Michael Wallner* medthod docs
2005-03-03  Michael Wallner* use curl's error messages
2005-03-03  Michael Wallner* reset the curl handle if curl_easy_reset() is available
2005-03-03  Michael Wallner* reordering things for curl info and options a bit...
2005-03-03  Michael Wallner* ditch some inline functions and replace them with...
2005-02-26  Michael Wallner* fix EOF
2005-02-25  Michael Wallner* melt http_api down
2005-02-25  Michael Wallner* moved defines into php_http_std_defs.h
2005-02-24  Michael Wallner* don't enable compression by default
2005-02-24  Michael Wallner* strlen("") => sizeof("")-1
2005-02-24  Michael Wallner* prevent inclusion of winsock.h
2005-02-23  Michael Wallner* un-hack curl info name duplication
2005-02-23  Michael Wallner* fix memory-leaks/pre-use-frees
2005-02-23  Michael Wallner* split into more reasonable modules