- add a KUDOS file
[m6w6/ext-http] / ThanksTo.txt
1 Thanks To
2 =========
3 $Id$
5 People who repeatedly reported issues with this extension in a manner
6 so they could be fixed in a reasonable way, or suggested useful features
7 to implement, in alphabetical order:
9 Ilia Alshanetsky (ilia at php dot net)
10 Petr Czaderna (petr at hroch dot info)
11 Thomas Landro Johnsen (thomas dot l dot johnsen at gmail dot com)
12 David Sklar (sklar at sklar dot com)
13 Travis Swicegood (travis at mashery dot com)
14 Alexey Zakhlestin (indeyets at gmail dot com)
15 Alexander Zhuravlev (zaa at zaa dot pp dot ru)
17 Thanks a lot!