[m6w6/ext-http] / KnownIssues.txt
1 Known Issues
2 ============
3 $Id$
5 PHP < 5.1.3:
6 HttpResponse::getHeader() does not work with Apache2 SAPIs.
7 Using an encoding stream filter on a stream you read from doesn't work.
9 Windows:
10 If you keep getting "SSL connect error" when trying to issue
11 requests, try another (newer) libeay32.dll/ssleay32.dll pair.
13 Internals:
14 Our http_urlencode_hash() does not differentiate between prefixes
15 for numeric or string keys.
16 Inflating raw deflated data causes a re-initialization of the inflate
17 stream where the corresponding window bits are modified to tell libz
18 to not check for zlib header bytes. This is not preventable AFAICS.
19 LFS dependant parts of libcurl are left out because of off_t,
20 respectively off64_t confusion.