- use a more iterative approach in inflate code (instead of a retry-style)
[m6w6/ext-http] / KnownIssues.txt
1 Known Issues
2 ============
3 $Id$
5 HttpResponse (only in PHP-5.1+):
6 HttpResponse::getHeader() does not work in Apache2 with a
7 PHP version lower than 5.1.3 (as mod_php).
9 Windows:
10 If you keep getting "SSL connect error" when trying to issue
11 requests, try another (newer) libeay32.dll/ssleay32.dll pair.
13 Deflate/Inflate:
14 http_inflate() resp. the HttpInflateStream should be able to inflate
15 any compressed data (gzip, deflate AKA zlib and raw deflate). However,
16 inflating raw deflated data causes a re-initialization of the inflate
17 stream where the corresponding window bits are modified to tell libz
18 to not check for zlib header bytes. This is not preventable AFAICS.
19 http_deflate() resp. the HttpDeflateStream should be able to
20 generate any compressed data (gzip, deflate AKA zlib and raw deflate);
21 just use the flag for the data format you want to generate:
23 Using an encoding stream filter on a stream you read from, will
24 not work as expected in a PHP version lower than 5.1.3.
26 Internals:
27 - there's a memleak with sizeof(zval) for each thrown exception,
28 which ends up in HttpRequestPoolExcepiont::$exceptionStack, in
29 HttpRequestPool::__construct(); it doesn't happen with wrapped
30 exceptions in HttpRequestPool::send().
32 - our http_urlencode_hash() only handles arrays and does not
33 differentiate between prefixes for numeric or string keys.