fix pointer advancement
[m6w6/ext-ares] / php_ares.c
2016-08-16  Michael Wallnerfix pointer advancement master
2016-08-16  Michael Wallneralso parse authority and additional RRs
2014-11-14  Michael Wallneruse ares_inet_{ntop,pton}; parse AAAA answers
2014-11-12  Michael Wallnernewer PHP version only accept real resources in userland
2014-08-08  Michael Wallneradd missing PHP_FEs
2014-08-08  Michael Wallnerzero php_ares on alloc
2014-08-08  Michael Wallneronly c-ares does the htons() prt num conversion for us
2014-08-02  Michael Wallnerares already does htons()
2014-08-01  Michael Wallnermissing flag
2014-08-01  Michael Wallnerprovide recent ares option setter functions
2014-08-01  Michael Wallnerseparate options array
2014-08-01  Michael Wallnerrecognize recent ares options
2014-08-01  Michael Wallnerrecognize numeric option strings
2014-08-01  Michael Wallnerfix names
2014-08-01  Michael Wallnerfix ifdef
2014-08-01  Michael Wallneroops
2014-08-01  Michael Wallnermerge
2014-08-01  Michael Wallnerbuild robustness